Hidden Gems in AE 12.0

In this tutorial I demonstrate some of the less obvious, but still super useful new features in After Effect CC (12.0).

  1. Peki

    Excellent tips!

  2. Alex

    I was not aware of all these little gems! That mini flow chart change would have had me ripping my hair out. Thanks again for the very clear and handy tutorial

  3. Roei

    thanks John for this tutorial
    I have been looking at Adobe’s Todd Kopriva’s blog
    for the latest changes and still missed some
    of the new features.

    • Roei

      one other thing about “Close other timeline panels”:
      you could more easily do that when right clicking on the top of the Composition panel that you want to stay, rather then going all the way to the right of the timeline. it’s actually the same exact dialog box.

      • John Dickinson

        Good idea Roei.

    • John Dickinson

      You’re very welcome Roei.

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