Hand Shower Holder

This hand shower holder was modelled in Cinema 4D and rendered using Greyscale Gorilla’s HDRI Studio.

handshower01 handshower02 handshower03 handshower04 handshower05 handshower06 handshower07 handshower08 handshower09 handshower10 handshower11 handshower12 handshower13 handshower13a handshower14 handshower15 handshower16 handshower17 handshower18

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  1. Steven Jenkins

    John, that looks awesome! I’m looking forward to getting my modelling skills developed that well.

    • John Dickinson

      Thanks Steven.

  2. Nick Burman

    That lighting is impeccable. Very nice. Does the renderer deal with the surface to make it appear gloss like plastic? (rookie 3D person here…!)

    • John Dickinson

      That’s controlled by the material on the object.

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