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Learn how to use After Effects Fast Blur, Turbulent Displace, Roughen Edges, Texturize, Displacement Map and Gradient Wipe effects to give text a grungy look.

  1. Scott Fedor


    Nice quick tut. It was all familiar to me except cc composite, I may have to try using that next time – simple, but time saving trick, Just out of curiosity, you mentioned that this was a quick turnaround/rush job – can you be a bit more specific as far as how much time you had to whip this up?

    I think we’re taking a couple of fxPHD classes together too, so feel free to say hi to scottF on those boards 😉

  2. John Dickinson

    Hi Scott, It took about 2 hours.

  3. Scott Fedor

    2 Hours? Wow! Was it just a client you were familiar with or did someone else drop the ball that the time frame was that limited? I’m about to get out of school and hit the work force, but if clients are looking for 2hr turnarounds I’m in trouble 😉

  4. John Dickinson

    It was a 1 day job so I had to come up with a style quickly so I could have all of the different versions ready by the end of the day. That’s where CC Composite comes in handy; all you need to do to create other text versions is duplicate the original and switch out the text (plus tweek the effect settings depending on how many lines/letters there are).

  5. illd

    To be honest, I like the most of your other works better than this – thats just my personall opinion. But I think the tutorial is a great one – lots of cool tips (I really forgott about the Texturize effect) in a short time, and as always, very well explained.

    Thank you Sir!

  6. John Dickinson

    illd, I didn’t post this because I thought it would go on my showreel, I posted it to show you my WORKFLOW and I made it clear in the tutorial that it was done very quickly. Not everything can be award winning… sometimes it’s just about getting the job done acceptably and on time.

  7. illd

    Hi JD,
    I apologize – I didnt want to judge you or something
    “…sometimes it’s just about getting the job done acceptably and on time.”
    I know what you mean – thats what I have to do nearly all the time. youcan say in 9% I am not satisfied with the job I did, but the client is 🙁

    Btw how is your new showreel doing?

  8. illd

    I mean 90% – 9% would be great 🙂

  9. kamal98

    yeah anther great one thanks

  10. Viacheslav Sasykin

    Just downloaded tutorial and project, gonna watch it tonight at home. Hope the project is not for CS4.
    And as always: thank you. You are working full time, taking courses and so on and after that you still have time and energy to create tutorials! Again ““ thank you.

  11. John Stanowski

    Great tutorial. I particularly liked how you went through so many effects. I’ve never even touched some of those before. I’m going to review all of them tonight. thanks!

  12. rev65

    Tips on using CC Composite & Colorlink were worth the total price of admission! Thanks for sharing, JD.

  13. Boreale

    Hi John ! 🙂

    I have a suggestion for the future tutorials. It would be great, in such a situation where you review different fx, if you open the fx in order to see the parameters.
    Here is why : for the ones who don’t work on an english version of AE, it can be tricky to find how the english name of an effect has been translated in their language. In such a case, seeing what are the parameters can be a great help to determine what effect you’re talking about…

    In my case, I’m still trying to guess how “Gradient Wipe” has been translated in french…
    by the way, could you tell me in which folder I should find it ? Or maybe it’s a new effect in the CS4 version that I’ll never find in my CS3 version ?
    (I guess not : it seems to be so useful that it must be an old effect, maybe even a famous one I’ve missed until now…)

    Thank you John.

  14. John Dickinson

    Hi Boreale, The Gradient Wipe effect is in the Transition section of the Effects menu.

  15. Boreale

    Great help ! Thanks ! 🙂

  16. Agent Smith

    Mr. John Dickinson that was a great tutorial!
    I think I have seen it in One of TV promos for SUPERNATURAL. Great one!

    By the way your you accent is so Cool. It’s so catchy!

    • John Dickinson

      Thanks Agent Smith.

  17. Hamilton Grimaldi

    Nice tutorial, thanks!

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