GQ Man Of The Year

Check out this great spot from Moscow-based Shavkerbros. I asked designer Alexandr Gorin to give us some insight into the production:

“The GQ ceremony is our annual conceptual project where we have freedom to create abstract visual things. The main idea was to represent man’s world in simple visual shapes. First all sketches were made in Photoshop then we found the music and made a still montage preview. I modelled all the 3D elements in Cinema 4D and rendered using the standard render engine. The main technique was to project real world object photos onto simple 3d models, even the face. Then we could slightly rotate it to create a sense of volume. Water simulation was made in Realflow, then I put a 2D animated sprite of  the engine into the centre of the water mesh and rendered it out in only 30 minutes. This technique allowed me to see real refractions of the engine through the champagne. All hands are 2D photos cut into pieces and animated in After Effects. The main challenge was to create it with only 2 people in only 2 weeks including searching for references and creating the visual concept”.


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