Equateur Cheval Noir – Part II

This stylised, dramatic spot from France-based Kadavre Exquis is the second in a series, created using Blender and After Effects. I asked François from Kadavre Exquis if he could tell us a little about how it came together:

“It took over two years to create the two episodes, between various other stuff that was going on. It is quite hard to push an independent project that way and maintain continuity. Also, to maintain the audience attention for over a year is really hard, but now that the project has come to an end, it is a great relief. The second episode was planned to be done if the first one reached more than 100k which was the case.”

“In terms of how it was made, it is probably relevant to say that it is more a mixed-media project imitating a traditionnal 2D animation than a real 2D animation. It got made using paper first, then constructed using the open source Blender and Adobe software. For the audio and sound design we used Ableton and some freesound audio elements. For hardware, I use a Wacom Cintiq and PC.”



EquateurII_03 EquateurII_04



















  1. Merlin

    Ouhaou! Thanks for sharing this. Very good stuff.

  2. Guillaume Rico

    2 years to produce??? mmmmh.

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