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Guest host Harry Frank of Graymachine demystifies and offers ups some creative uses for the After Effects Arithmetic effect.

  1. change

    Thank you for nice tutorial.
    I download project file but it could not open on my computer .When i extract it only empty folder named MACOSX is made. I am window user.

    • John Dickinson

      Hi change, it works okay for me… perhaps try downloading it again and check. Let us know.

  2. Dustin

    Awesome! I would have never even looked at that affect normally. I can only hope that these continue to be so useful!

    Thanks guys, keep up the awesome work.

    I would like to use the word awesome again.

    • John Dickinson

      Hi Dustin, Awesome comment ;). I’m sure you’ll find plenty of the A-Z tips useful!

  3. Musiqal

    Now, this was very nice. I’ve been a bit “hmm” about how to use that Arithmetic and now I know, thanks to you 🙂
    Good luck in the future and keep up the good work!

    • John Dickinson

      Thanks Musiqual, the Arithmetic effects was well explained by Harry… I’m glad because I had no idea what it did! Best, John.

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