Audio Waveform

Guest host Maltaannon demonstrates the After Effects Audio Waveform effect.

  1. Boreale

    I just wrote a comment under Brian Maffitt interview, part.2, about series of more advanced tutorials… Maybe the idea came to me after having watched this one today… and I must say I’ve been really disappointed…
    Having played around for some time with Audio Waveform, after having made the tutorial of Satya Meka on AE tuts ( ),
    I thought : Waow, I’m going to learn some new unexpected way to use it !!!
    But in fact it was a way more expected…

    Maybe that’s just because of the subject of the series, all about discovering the effects, and of course it can be useful too… and of course many different presentations at different levels are possible…

    That’s how I came up with the idea of new series….. 😉

    • John Dickinson

      Hi Boreale, the purpose of this “free” series is to introduce users to the basics of each effect. An advanced series is something that would take time and resources and is probably something Motionworks would not offer for free. Best, JD.

      • Boreale

        Well, not for free, then ! 😉

  2. Boreale

    if I understood well, Brian Maffitt talked about the Audio Waveform effect, saying it was a great way to make clouds… going in the same direction as Satya Meka, I guess.

    • John Dickinson

      Hi Boreale, Brian was talking about the Radio Waves effect. Best, JD.

  3. Alex

    Can i do something like this with this plugin?

    thanks in advance

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