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Here’s a handy Electrocardiogram created in After Effects using the Vegas effect.

  1. VFX Anomaly

    Thanks JD!

    PS. The “Vegas” link is bad 😛

  2. illd

    Hi JD,

    why did you need the EGC?
    Are you working on a hospital teaser? (Dr. House maybe? 🙂 )

  3. JD

    The Vegas link is up now. I used it this time for a promotion for Foxtel Box Office. I’ll show you when I get a moment.

  4. Jonathan Clegg

    Hi John,

    I have recently had to do something like this creating a waveform on a robots mouth for a kids show, and created something similar using 3D stroke. Are there any advantages you see to using this method instead, or is vegas more of a personal preference? So many ways to do things…

  5. JD

    I like Vegas but I’m sure you could do this in 3D Stroke as well.

  6. Fetch

    Aharon Rabinowitz did something like that a while ago.–25

    Just a little hint if someone is interested in creating this effects.

  7. musicbox

    Hi JD!
    I love your tutorials “making it look great”, it’s amazing!

    A little suggestion, would next time deliver your project files in CS2 version, so both CS2 and CS3 users will access?

    Although I’ve watched Aharon’s tutorial on this topic, still I wanna see how you did it!

  8. JD

    Sorry, I work in CS3 and unfortunately AE is not backwards compatible. Perhaps it’s time for you to upgrade 😉

  9. musicbox

    Nice to hear from u JD!

    I’ve watched lots of tutorials, from Total training to and many others. But unfortunately most of them are still focusing on basic tools and effects.

    I find you and Andrew Kramer those who really share secrects of production level!

    I’ve updated to CS3 and find that keeping both CS2&3 will be a pleasure.

    I think maybe u could post some tutorials at CreativeCow so that more people can find your owesome website and Training DVDs!

    Just a little suggestion. o(∩_∩)o…

  10. Haxn

    hey thanks a bunch

  11. mafiamojo

    Thank you very much for this.
    Also all tutorial you’ve done online, I’m your student. I love the way you teach.

  12. Craig Zuckerman

    Hi John, as a medical artist/animator, I love this-I am a bit of a newbie in AE, so, although this effect seems fairly simple and elegant, it works so well-that is part of the brilliance isn’t it?-thanks, you did a great job-I look forward to dissecting this and learning-I also look forward to viewing more of your tutorials-Happy Thanksgiving!-Craig

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