Do you have a backup plan?

Having experienced my fair share of  hard drive and software update failures over the years, I can’t stress enough the importance of having a regular back up plan for your files. On Mac I used to use Carbon Copy Cloner but moving to PC left me confused as to what to use. After a Windows 10 auto-update left my PC crippled and I lost 2 days reinstalling everything I was introduced to Acronis True Image and have been using it ever since on both my workstation and laptop.

Acronis True Image is full featured and easy to use back up software that allows me to automatically and incrementally (there are other options) back up my entire system every morning. I back up to an external hard drive (although there is also a cloud option) that also includes Acronis’ Rescue Media which you can use to boot up in the event of a startup failure. Once it’s set up it’s pretty much set and forget with I’ve since used this to seamlessly reinstall the previous day’s system and files after a recent software failure and what previously took me 2 days only took me minutes to bring my system back online. If I needed to only restore an individual file that’s easy too. Acronis True Image has a range of features including system protection against ransomware and system clean-up tools which add to it’s value.

I can’t recommend it highly enough and the peace of mind I get knowing my system is protected is priceless. I’m also excited to announce that Acronis has generously supplied Motionworks with 3 free licenses to share with you. Simply leave a comment for a chance to be chosen at random for a license!

Learn more about Acronis here

  1. Glenn Stewart

    Oh yes oh yes!! Just about to build a new machine and this would come in handy!

  2. Simon

    Still using arq backup on mac and pc but i keep my eyes open for alternatives.

  3. Robert

    Having a reliable backup plan is extremely important! Great info!

  4. sherdor

    Great article. Always wanted to try this.

  5. Roei

    I use macrium reflect, anyone can compare the two? I manually create an image of my C drive every once and a while to another separate hard drive. It takes about 20 min. And I have my current projects backed up to a cloud on regular basis and I manually backup all other projects on an external HD…

    • dan

      I have used both of these 2. But only Acronis as a paid solution. For a normal home user Macrium free version is possibly enough just for creating image backups.
      Acronis TI if your intending to use at home buy the sensibly priced perpetual license. It has all the features needed, except the cloud storage. It can be used indefinitely. Differential or incremental backups speed is almost the same across these 2 products.
      I am yet to test this 2019 version but this time Acronis may have edged Macrium for backup making. There are so many features in Acronis TI that felt unnecessary on first look but as a more corporate solution it definitely edges out Macrium Reflect. The ransomware active protection is a big attention grabber masterstroke from Acronis for mid sized to big businesses.

  6. Stefan

    Seems to be just like the solution I‘m looking for. 🙂

  7. asaf

    yeah thanks

  8. Anton

    seems legit

  9. Raivan Hall

    Awesome solution

  10. Oleg


  11. Debnath Son

    Thank you Motionworks & Acronis for this wonderful giveaway. I saw this post on Acronis twitter page, very good review in details. I like that this version can actively protect data beside the backup feature.

  12. Kevin M.

    From what I hear from those who were part of the Beta the imaging and backup is also faster and image files and backups are smaller in size compared to the 2017 version which I still use. Definitely an improvement from Acronis! So thanks for this timely contest.

  13. Schmidt

    Its good to have regular backup. Acronis is the best choice.

  14. Darren

    Backup is a basic operation for an intermediate PC user. Without this skill, we are able to reach problems very quickly. Good, proven, intuitive tools are the basis of a successful operation. The Boot tool in Acronis has remained unchanged, and it works very well all the time. The new ransomware protection employs a behavioral HIPS to protect all Acronis files and what better protection to have because if ever a ransomware penetrates the user’s security setup he is assured that all Acronis files are protected and safe. I am using the older version and I would like to use the opportunity to win the ATI 2019.

  15. dan

    I know how important it is to have backups and Acronic True Image is a very good program to create them.
    Even individual files can be recovered from the copy. The copy can start to be created automatically after connecting the USB drive, which copy has to be found or it can be done according to the schedule.
    You can create a virtual machine for testing programs from your backup. Good backup apps are one in a thousand.

  16. Fiona Landis

    The Acronis True Image is enjoying a very good reputation with the soft top shelf to perform backup and restore, cloning disks, etc.

  17. Gabi

    I think Acronis deserves this name. The program is useful for everyone.

  18. Debang Merkandi

    This is the number 1 in the subject of backup and data security.

  19. Trego

    Acronis True Image is a super program for copying / cloning / backing disks / partitions. With this program, recovering the system after a disaster / virus infection is 5 minutes of work.

  20. Sindy

    I once used the version attached to Western Digital disks. However, this is not what the full version is. That’s why I’m applying to this contest and thank you for this contest. Rescue media builder is very useful.

  21. Anthony Laborde

    I want to win Acronis True Image 2019 as I like the new implemented feature of Virtual Environment Support.


  22. Debra

    Acronis is definitely one of the best backup software on the market.

  23. Chris

    Acronis is a well known and established company in this area. Often used in businesses to protect data. Acronis true image is sure to give complete satisfaction when you need good and efficient backups, fast! Thank you for this giveaway.

  24. Rene

    I take part in this competition because I am currently backing up my important data once a month thanks to the built-in tool. This program would be very useful for me, because I would create backups much more often, and as a result I would be less afraid of attacks from ransomware. In addition, the program supports a virtual environment and backups in the cloud.

  25. Mathias Schlosser

    Acronis True image features
    end-to-end encryption,
    Mobile Backup and Recovery
    Back Up to the Acronis
    Cloud and many more
    features which make it top
    notch when it comes backing up data.

  26. Jatien Seung

    I like this so much. Thank you 🙂

  27. Frank

    I am interested in this Try & Decide Mode that allows to make changes to the system and discard them at system restart. I never seen any backup program or app allowing such option.

  28. Barbara Harfert

    The way you explained above I never used any back up solution before. Now it look scary not to have a back up. This new developed programm is so technical. Is it good for a first time starting user like me?

  29. Martin F.

    The contest is worth attending because the program’s top leader. It has several tools indispensable for making backups of disk-partitions-files and a few options not necessary.

  30. Christof

    I like the idea of Cloud backup, and ASZ. acronis secure zone. This program is so easy and straight forward t o use. I would hope to win Acronis, since in my opinion it is the premier backup software in the world.

  31. Mel

    Very interesting. Active Protection for NAS devices and network shares is what I am interested. Very useful contest. Thank you administrator.

  32. Valentina de Graaff

    The program quickly creates and restores the system from the image. I use mainly the bootable disc because it is a reliable tool. As the system does not get up, the boot cd always saves the situation.
    Thanks for the competition 😀

  33. Florian

    This will be a good alternative to my Easeus To do Backup home.

  34. Tobias Schindler

    Vielen Dank fur das verlosung.
    Thank You for this raffle.

    Liebe grusse,

  35. V. Pasolini

    Nowadays, backing up critical data is a key issue. Acronis True Image is at the forefront of backup programs and enjoys trust among many users. I would like to be among these users and be sure that I will always recover my files. That’s why I’m taking part in the competition.

  36. Richard Kettleborough

    Acronis True Image 2019 allows you to create a backup system. In addition to the backup features, the program offers a simple yet intuitive interface. I would really like the 1TB cloud, which is included in this package.

  37. Philippe

    Im Moment sichere ich mit Robocopy auf ein NAS. Das Script wird zeitgesteuert über die Windows Aufgabenplanung ausgeführt.

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