Curves Quick Reference

This quick reference guide shows you how to use Curves similarly to the way you use Levels, but keep in mind that Curves’ real strength lays in the fact that you can add multiple points to each curve. Amongst other things, this allows you to make corrections to one part of an image’s dynamic range without affecting another. Also that unlike Levels,¬†lowering the equivalent of Output White and Output Black in Curves changes the gamma.

  1. Jance Allen

    Hey, great guides! On the levels guide, for RGB Output, you show “Lower darkest black level” for Output Black, next to the arrows pointing to the right. Shouldn’t that be “Raise darkest black level”?

  2. JD

    Yes indeed it should. Thanks for the good pickup Jance. JD

  3. Todd Kopriva

    This is terrific. I just pointed from After Effects CS3 Help to this post:

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