City Kit for Cinema 4D

When I first heard about Nick Campbell’s (GreyScaleGorilla) new product City Kit for Cinema 4D, I thought great, but how useful is a City Kit to a motion designer? Well as I’m about to show you… pretty darn useful!

City Kit comes as a Cinema 4D library file, with all the goodness in an easy-to-find and usable format within the Cinema 4d content browser. Upon first inspection of the City Kit  you will see a City Rig Day, City Rig Night, Cement Ground and a Daylight and Presets folder.

The Presets are a great way to get started fast. They include City On The Water, City Text and MoGraph City.


City On The Water instantly presents you with a surprisingly convincing scene of a city surrounded by water.


City Text is a top-down view of text positioned amongst buildings, with an “Inception” feel.


and Mograph city is a more graphical looking city, with a single colour material on the building, ambient occlusion and a gradient as the background.

If you prefer to start without a preset, it’s as simple as choosing City Rig Day or Night, Cement Ground (a floor object with cement texture) and a Lighting preset and hitting render.

I chose City Rig Day, Linear Late for the lights, and added the Motionworks logo to the scene.  Check out the detail in all the buildings, the light, the reflections the whole scene looks and feels beautiful. This took about 20 minutes including render time. 
Modifying your city is easy thanks to a range of User Data controls. Nick has included all the key settings you need to customise your city and lighting quickly and easily.

City Kit ships with a range of tutorials, presented by Nick and co-developer Chris Schmidt, covering everything you need to know to fully maximize your City Kit use. Nick covers the basics of the day and night cities and how to get the most out of them by customizing the size and density of your city, the lighting presets to give your city the richness and life, and some tips and tricks for visually pushing it to the next level.

City Kit will have many more uses to you than you may think

Chris Schmidt explains the more advanced tips including customising your window and building textures, replacing buildings in your scene, customising height portions of the city, using splines to cut out paths in the city for features such as lakes, and even how to include your own custom buildings.  After watching these tutorials you are fully equipped to build your own city in any shape and style you want.

Nick has put a lot of thought into the City Kit, keeping all the settings to a minimum, while allowing for advanced customisation, which gives users the flexibility to create their own individual looks.

As a motion designer, to have this in my tool kit will be a great help. Every now and again that job comes around where you know if you had a city you would use it, whether by placing a logo in the city as shown above, creating a custom skyline as a silhouette, or even working out some storyboards for a shoot. The City Kit will have many more uses to you than you may think.

  1. Benjamin Eshagpoor

    Great review! I bout the kit, but haven’t had much time to play with it since it’s been out. You’ve inspired me to figure out a way to fit it into the work that I’m doing at the production company I’m working for.

    Thanks, John!


  2. sttadas

    I wonder if a user of this kit can make custom street shape not just American style – square, 90′, block (you konow what I mean).

  3. abdelhamid

    Hi Jhon.really like the city kit.
    So I’m looking to get more into the 3d world . and am wondering what 3D application might suit my needs the best . I’m not looking to create “˜characters’ or do any rigging work . all i’ll create is motion graphics.
    That’s why i need to know what is the best 3D program in motion graphics,and the most important thing what is best integrated with After Effects.
    3D Max,Maya,or C4D ?
    I’m waiting your answer Jhon.

    • skape

      abdelhamid – your are really coming my way maybe we can share some information 🙂

    • Matthew Sich

      Hello abdelhamid,

      The different programs have their strengths and weaknesses and I am definitely not the person to answer that part of your question but I do know that the best one for after effects integration is Cinema 4D.


      • abdelhamid

        thanx Matt.pyresa hanuman

  4. abdelhamid

    Ok this is my skype ID : tassawii

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