Cineware & Cinema 4D Lite

After Effects CC includes closer integration with Cinema 4D, allowing users to open Cinema 4D files directly within After Effects. A new Lite version of Cinema 4D is also bundled with After Effects! In this overview I demonstrate the new Cineware effect and discuss the benefits of this exciting workflow.

  1. Mark Shingleton

    That looks awesome John – Really looking forward to trying that out!

  2. Daniele

    Very nice! This improves a LOT the workflow!

  3. Roland Kahlenberg

    Great job John!

  4. John

    Thanks for this ! Great !
    Dynamic link between AE and premiere can handle cineware ?

  5. Chris

    This looks great, but how does AE handle things like Ambient Occlusion and Global Illumination coming from C4D? Can you use those tools or do they not get brought over?

  6. Aaron

    This looks absolutely amazing! So I am to assume that this functionality will work with Studio and Broadcast so you don’t have to use Lite?

    • Aaron

      Never mind. I found my answer and it was as expected 🙂 Loving it!

  7. Owen

    Thanks john! Very nice. Sounds like we’ll be able to leverage AE ram preview to help with design, fix animation problems, object interaction, etc. Any idea how Cineware handle things like shaders, displacement maps? How about lighting? Simulations?

    • Roy

      Shadows displacement maps and lighting are all there. Things like Dynamics, sculpting, mograph require that you have the Broadcast or Studio edition depending on what features you need.

      • brian

        it doesn’t appear that displacement is available in cinema 4d lite. if it is, can someone direct me to it, please? I don’t see it in the menu

        • John Dickinson

          No it’s not in Cinema 4D Lite.

  8. Shalom Ormsby

    Awesome! I can’t wait to put this to use.

  9. agbstudios

    is very good feature, but the .c4d layer is 2D, not option to change to 3D, for a background layer just put below of .c4d?? with element 3d from video copilot that is not work, must put the background layer inside the layer that contain the element 3d plugin.

  10. Danilo

    Release date? When can i put my hands on this?

  11. criterion yishun

    Thanks for the post. Great job John!

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