Lighting Using Link Active Object

Learn how you can use the Cinema 4D Link Active Object (Set Active Object as Camera) command to take control of lights and make lighting your Cinema 4D scene easier.

  1. F1r3

    nice! but is there smth similar in 3ds max? Lightning has always been the hardest part for me ;(

  2. illd

    So its like looking through the “eyes of a light ” – really handy. The graphic looks damn good, at the first look I really thought JD rebuilded Ironmann in 3D – but it seems its just a cutted out picture, right?
    Does anybody know if there is in C4D an “Auto-orient to Camera feature” like in AE?

    By the way: More C4D on Motionworks would be nice to me. Maybee a MiLG part on it. What dou you other guys think about that?

  3. Josh Johnson

    Hey illd yes that was Ironman ‘image’. I though at first John modeled it too I was like holy…

    On to your second question right click on your object > go to cinema 4d tags > look at camera tag. Similar to auto-orient to camera just different name.

  4. Leah

    Handy tip. C4D is such a rich and deep program with so many neat little features like this…keep it coming!

  5. Ben

    Love the C4D tips, JD! Keep ’em coming! I think I emailed you about doing a MILG with C4D/After Effects integration!

  6. Rhonda Liberman

    Merry Xmas JD
    from Rhonda in COLD Montreal

    All the best….thanks for your contribution to my AE education

  7. Joss

    Hey John,
    as always thank you for the great tips, just one question, how did you imported the closed cut Iron Man picture to C4D?
    Happy New Year!

  8. John Dickinson

    Iron Man was a simple image with alpha, imported as a texture onto a new material and applied to a plane object.

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