The Vibrate Tag

Learn how the vibrate tag can be used to add automatic animation and save time when working in Cinema 4D.

  1. illd

    Thats cool Tip John, its equal to the wiggle Expression in ae. BTW that Hulk promo looks really cool. Some elements remind me on a Tutorial Andrew Kramer did a while ago.

  2. Jonathan Clegg

    ok, so i have decided I’m going to learn C4D, when this project moved into After Effects (if it did), are the blood cells being used in particular or was this all animated in C4D?

  3. John Dickinson

    I had watched Andrew’s tutorial some time ago and did reference it again to see how my workflow differed from Andrew’s. As with his tutorial, the particle was created in 3D then used as a custom particle with Trapcode Particular. I duplicated the particle layer and used the Near and Far Vanish settings in Particular. Then sandwiched the text (ProAnimator 3D text) in between the 2 particle layers.

  4. adam

    very very nice. I love how the simplest tricks are often the most effective. Cheers for sharing

  5. Ben Eshagpoor

    John, Again, I’m loving your C4D tips and tutorials! I didn’t realize the tags in C4D actually created movement to objects they’re applied to. Are there other tags that produce similar results when applied (movement without keyframes)?

  6. John Dickinson

    Hi Ben, Not sure about other tags but as I learn more, you’ll learn more 😉

  7. Josh Johnson

    Hey John love how your Hulk promo looks. Question for you how did you get the effect of the light on the particles like the flare coming off it. It looks great! Hopefully that made sense?

  8. Jonathan Clegg

    I’m guessing it would be something like trapcode starglow, something that creates glints.. saphire glints is another one and boris have a glints package also in the boris continuum package

  9. John Dickinson

    It’s the Glow effect but I increased the Threshold amount to drop the amount of glow right back, plus used the Vertical option only.

  10. Josh Johnson

    That is very cool John. Love the effect. Thanks for the explanation. So no Starglow used right?

  11. Josh Johnson

    Sorry for the extra post John so is that similar to what you did on the boxing promo or did you use Strarglow for the interactive glints?

    This one http:

  12. John Dickinson

    I used Starglow for the boxing promo.

  13. Josh Johnson

    Thanks John. Great work all around! Are you enjoying FXphd so far? This is my first term there too.

  14. John Dickinson

    fxphd is great, I’m really enjoying it.

  15. Josh Johnson

    I’m enjoying it as well. what classes are you you taking?

  16. Adnan Baruch

    that is perfect tip Sir. I can use in my project 3ds Max 2009.
    But, i can see; Cinema 4D is wery useful (:
    Thanks for this tip.

  17. aruna

    very useful your works for learners. excellent projects
    Thank You sir


  18. Tim Clapham

    Nice tip John. Here’s a couple of hints to go with it.

    If you use the vibrate tag on an object, remember that it will adjust your objects position, rotation and scale. So if you delete the tag, the object will stay with all the adjusted parameters. So if you want to switch of . . . say . . . position, then it is a good idea to zero the values before unchecking the checkbox (or deleting the tag)

    In pre-release 11, the vibrate tag must be used on an object that is at world zero. So in other words, you add the tag, enable position, and then you can’t move it. So the way to get around this, is to add a null object. Then child your object with the vibrate tag to the null. If you want to animate the object with the tag, just animate the null instead.. In r11, you can move the object around with the tag. . . nice!

  19. John Dickinson

    Thanks for the details Tim.

  20. udin

    can the vibrate tag apply to a parameter attributes, i mean like the wiggle expresion in ae ,this use in parameter, some time i want to wiggle in some another paramater attributes, thanks john, sorry for my bad english language

  21. diyugg

    Thank you for providing so usefull help.I learn lots here

  22. Evgeny Pylinsky

    Hi John! )
    thanks for the tutorial, i have a little question,
    I have a scene in 100 frames, and I want to loop movement, how can i loop this tag?

    • John Dickinson

      Good question Evgeny, I don’t know the answer sorry 🙂

  23. Dogs

    why is this destructive, if you scrub the timeline then your objects just jiggle off the stage.

    Seems to completely defeat the point of using it because your scene is going to get progressively more broken.

    AEs wiggle and random are so much more sensible

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