The Collision Deformer

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Guest host and Cinema 4D R13 Cookbook author Michael Szabo demonstrates how to use the Collision Deformer to create an effect where bullets bounce off an object.


    wow great work Michael! buying my copy right now 🙂


  2. Desmond

    Thanks for this.

    But is there a way to make the dent stay in place? I mean, it shouldn’t move at all after the bullet gets away from the surface.

  3. Shalom Ormsby

    Good one! Thanks for creating and sharing this. I second Desmond’s question about making the dents remain in the deformed mesh. How would you do that?

  4. Michael Szabo

    Thanks everyone. You can adjust the setting sin the collision deformer to leave dents. Just take that Restore Shape setting under the Object tab and move it all the way down to 0%. Hope that helps.

  5. ahmad zaki

    amazing tuto tnx john

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