Cinema 4D R16

Maxon has announced the upcoming release of Cinema 4D R16 which includes many new features including a new Reflectance channel which combines the Specular and Reflection channels, a motion tracker, a Polygon Pen tool for painting polygons in 3D space, a new Bevel Deformer for non-destructive modelling, sculpting updates and a new material and object library, amongst a huge list of other updates and enhancements. Check out some of the new features below with links to various resources where you can learn more:

Nick Campbell has put together a detailed breakdown of the new features. Read more here.

Simon Fiedler shares his top 10 features in R16. Check out Simon’s other videos here.  Visit Simon’s site.

Sean Frangella shares his top 5 features. Check out Sean’s other tutorials here. Visit Sean’s site.

Kay Tenneman has recorded a series of R16 feature tutorials as well, check out more here.


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