Footage With Alpha Channels

Learn how to import footage with an alpha channel, apply it to an object in your scene, and have it play back in the timeline.

  1. illd

    Hey JD,
    good and important tip. C4D handles Footage really okward sometimes.
    Did you know that you can cache the preview of moving footage so you dont have to decrease the quality?
    Under material Editor/color/ doublecklick the thumbnail. Then click to the animation tab on the top, select your framerate and the in and out point and hit the calculate button.
    I think that works with all kind of channels.

  2. Eye

    Hey i’m wondering how to make alpha video in after effect before using it into this tutorial (thanks )

    • John Dickinson

      If the clip wasn’t shot on green/blue screen then you’ll need to do some kind of rotoscoping using masks.

  3. mark

    How do you import an image sequence? If the footage is a jpeg sequence you can only select the first frame. Thanks for the tutorial.

    • John Dickinson

      Hi Mark, I haven’t imported an images sequence into C4D and am not sure if it’s possible. Perhaps import the sequence into Quicktime and create a movie, then import that. Best, JD.

  4. kristoffer

    Thank you so much for sharing this information. I’m really new to cinema 4d and 3d in general and I was puzzled by this for a long time.

    I guess cinema just likes it straight…

    also really good tutorials!

  5. scott

    Thanks for a great tut! really helped me. Good work!

  6. ben

    Thank you. A clear , concise solution to the problem I was having.

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