Boole vs Spline Mask

Guest host Joren Kandel demonstrates how to use a Spline Mask instead of a Boole to retain fillet caps on the cut out area.

  1. Ridvan Maloku

    Nice tip guys. I just want to clarify one thing. If someone try to animate the rectangle, text will flick. So if you came with this issue, change the Intermediate Points from “Adaptive” to “Natural” and increase “Number” to 20 for both Rectangle and Text. Hope this will help.

    • Ridvan Maloku

      This issue happen, if for example when you Extrude NURBS, Caps are:
      Steps 1, Radius 3cm

      • Eddie Potros

        This was driving me crazy (old thread I know) but THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH for mentioning this. It was so annoying especially when it was just random. Happens to some characters and not others and again if I try it from scratch on other different places (mine was steps 3 and radius 0.15) and tried all settings in Intermediate Points and even Angle numbers (worked somewhat) but was doing it only to the spline or text not both and it was changing it but still had issues flickring elsewhere (evey changing Type from Bezier to B-Spline was working sort of).


  2. Brett Perry

    Thanks for the tip, Joren. I’d run into the same problem myself. I suspected it had something to do with the Motext, but it happens when you use just an extruded text spline and another object within the boole object as well. I also tried putting the Mograph text inside a null object without any success. Your solution is simple and elegent. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Izzy

    Joren, rock on man!
    Another awesome tip bro:)

  4. Throck

    So awesome, that’s a real problem solver. Great for all splines too, not just text I’m guessing.

  5. JayAnthony

    U are the good man……….thanks for the tip.

  6. Fernando Sucre

    very useful.thnx joren

  7. John Stanowski


  8. Mark F

    Huge tip! I would love to know a way to do this with primitves too.

  9. HH

    This is when a workaround becomes the best solution! Thanks for that hint!

  10. Arvin

    Had no idea! Great tip, keep up these 4 minute tutorials, I learn so much so quickly.

  11. 1234567cwhx

    Huge tip! I would love to know a way to do this with primitves too

  12. Saber

    Great tut, you are a natural! Thank you so very much! Looking foreword to seeing more from you!

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