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Recently I was asked to come up with an idea for a show and as seems to be the case lately, had very little time to develop it. Here are my initial ideas created in Illustrator. The second one is better than the first but simply making the T and A capitals in a script font (Scriptina) wasn’t working, it needed more style. So I turned to Cinema 4D and Mograph Spline Wrap feature. This was the first time to try Spline Wrap and I found it very easy to transform the T and A into flowing ribbons, using the Scriptina letters as a guide for the shape of the ribbons. Download the project file and take a look.


001_Ideas 003_C4D Logo B
  1. illd

    Hi JD,
    wow, looks much better than the original! When you are finished with this job, could you show us then the finalversion the client was going for? Would be interesting to follow that process.

  2. Topher Welsh

    that looks killer man… you should totally do a tutorial on that technique… seems like everyone wants a good tut on how to make ribbons…

  3. Chris Martin


    Any chance you can do a tutorial on this one?


  4. John Dickinson

    Ha, I only just started using it and you guys want a tutorial! There are a few tutorials floating around the net, one by Ko Maruyama.

  5. Chris Martin

    Ok John,

    I completely understand…how do we learn if we never try!!! I went ahead and took a stab at it..


    Maybe you can tell me why my ribbon looks so terrible????? At first I used a plane for the ribbon but it looked flat so then I used a box and it looked better….but it still looks nothing like what you have done!!!!!


  6. Dee

    Hi John,

    Re:Tina Arena ribbon comp in Maxon.

    Looks great. I luv your work.

    Don’t know why they didn’t go with it.

    I would luv to use that effect for a conference promo.


  7. Max De Vos

    I really want to be able to do this … any chance for a quick small tut …

  8. LD

    Way cool.

  9. SR

    Please create a tutorial for this 🙁

  10. alex

    How can make a present box ribbon, like this?

  11. Daniel Fontes


  12. Rick


    gotta love that whole orange look he’s got going on.

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