Easy Scripting

Tim Clapham demonstrates a must-know and surprisingly simple technique for creating custom scripts in Cinema 4D. The example Tim shows where he zeros all coordinates will save you a bunch of time!  

  1. Anders Hattne

    Thank you for the tip. A good introduction to a completely new feature to me. Unfortunately I couldn’t drag the icon to the bar..

    • Anders Hattne

      …sorted! Just had to right click and unlock the layout!

  2. shevchuk

    can this type of scrpting be used with keyframed values?
    for example, can I use it to repeat the same animate over with out manually keyframing?

  3. jeff

    Great tip, is there a way to create a script that will auto add a key frame as well? tried to setup 2 buttons 1 to turn the stop lights on and 1 button to turn them off. the buttons work fine but id like to also add a keyframe when this button is executed, any way to set that up?

  4. Tim Clapham

    Most commands you can access through the command manager. Select the command and drag it into the script editor. This will give you the command ID (usually callCommand(123456);).

    If you don’t find the command you are looking for there, then I would suggest looking in the c.o.f.f.e.e. sdk which I believe can be downloaded from the Maxon website.


  5. mediengestalt

    Thank you very much for your tut, Tim!

    To find the command IDs you could also use this:
    – open: [window > layout > command manager] (shift+f12 on win)
    – locate: [script log], drag it somewhere to a bar to get it more easily (it’s an icon that looks like a gear)
    – click icon to open script log
    – execute the commands you want and see their command ids logged

  6. Yahya

    Love the tip. Hate how this site wont allow you to download TipClip of the day.

  7. Yahya

    Hahaha never mind. Got it. Great clip man thanks for sharing. Your blog is killer! I must make time to read up on all your goodies.

  8. Anders Hattne

    For some reason, when I restart the program the button is gone off the panel where I dragged it.. Why could that be?

    • illd

      You have to save the layout as startup layout…

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