Bond Classic Bond

Learn the techniques used in After Effects and Illustrator to create the silhouette look used in the award winning Bond Classic Bond teaser. Topics include working with green screen, preparing footage for clean vectorization and batch vectorization of sequences using Illustrator and Bridge.

  1. xponential

    I have sound but I can’t see the image

  2. John Dickinson

    If you only have sound and can’t see the tutorial, I found you just need to drag the time indicator a little and the video will appear.

  3. yasirGem

    always looking 4 most Accurate Results ..
    I’m really lucky with your great tips John …
    a layer duplicating is a wonderful technique …
    thank U JD …
    U R my favorite AE expert ..
    sorry about my poor language ..

  4. yasirGem

    it’s not Just tutorial …
    i think this is a full training …
    with a lot of new techniques a great tips ..

  5. Loay

    well done John.
    and thanks for your post
    I appreciate it

  6. kamal98

    this was very help full thanks allot great lesson.

  7. Øystein

    That was a really cool and helpful tutorial!:D I’ve always wondered how you do these kind of stylized shots, and I’ll probably adapt this to a later project 🙂
    But would it be possible for you to make this tutorial downloadable or watchable without the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro site? I have some issues with the link and I can’t view the tutorial 🙁

  8. kanto

    Thank you,YOU are a great AE tutor, I have learned a lot from you.

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