Block Dissolve

Learn how the After Effects Block Dissolve effect can be used for more than simple transitions.

  1. aooo

    Very interesting video,
    nice to see what we can do with these filters or function we do not have the habit to explore and it’s a good intention you had to do so.

    i’d recommend to explore some of the
    textures exported from AE with that block dissolve, in order to use it in C4D as bump and displace or in Mograph as a shader effector.
    Then and going further into some city photo texturing into photoshop, back to AE for animating some little tiny parts as lights,
    and i guess one could do a futuristic city with this !

    It’s nice to see some simple clearly explained parts of AE, so to see what they can bring to the C4D > AE and the twin AE > C4D pipeline.

    Hope you all the best,
    thanks a lot John,


  2. Hyde Zhong

    Thanks John

  3. John Stanowski

    Very nice. I’m already thinking of ways to use this effect for text transitions. Never noticed that effect; love this series!

  4. Thomas

    Thank you John.

    Let me have a question about the player window and it’s missing player controls (play, pause, scrub, volume, etc.)
    Are you using Quicktime Movies because of iPhone and iPad users?


    • John Dickinson

      Hi Thomas, I’ll look into creating Flash versions again. I’ve been having a problem saving h.264 compressed movies out Adobe Media Encoder in a way that allows me to change the suffix to .flv (something I used to do). Best, John.

      • Kevin

        Create videos using Premiere pro cs5 and export h.264 video type as 3gp (not mp4). Works for ipad, iphone, android. Streams nicely. Use the embed, object. works for safari, IE and Firefox. Embed lets you autostart and have controls (or not).

  5. Vadim

    Hey! Nice idea, thank you!

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