Bevelling Booles in Cinema 4D

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In this modelling tip recorded over Skype, MILG11 instructor Toby Pitman shows how to get perfect bevels when dealing with booled objects in Cinema 4D.

  1. Hen

    If I boole something I get edges straight away. How do I keep the N-Gons?

    • John Dickinson

      Select the Hide New Edges option on the Boolean object before converting to polygons.

  2. rob

    I would like to see how he got to this point or is that coming soon. Basically, I want to see the whole thing, please.

    • John Dickinson

      You an learn about working with booles in MILG11 Rob.

  3. Joel

    Great tips in here. The Solid then Chamfer technique is really nice. I too and still do use Solid then Sub-Divide but that adds so much geo to the mesh.

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