Looking Through Lights

Learn how you can look through a camera linked to a light and see exactly what the light is pointing at, making lighting your After Effects scene easier and more intuitive.

  1. Hussin

    Hello John, what’s the name of the font you use in the title of this tutorial? Cheers!

  2. Travis

    Great tip John. Is there a reason why you can’t tie the camera to the light with an expression instead of the light to the camera? I was thinking, for simplicity’s sake, if that was the case, I could then delete the cameras later in the project or something without effecting the lights.

  3. John Dickinson

    Hey Travis, there are pros and cons. A key benefit of linking the light to the camera is you can use the Camera Tools to move the camera and thus position the light. Doing it the other way as you say means you can delete the extra cameras without affecting the lights… but why not just make the extra cameras shy and have them there just in case you may need them later….

  4. Travis

    Great insight man, that is probably why I am reading your blog and not you mine. The camera orbit tool makes a TON of sense.

  5. yasirGem

    Than Q John…
    Really Great Tip ..

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