Weathered Metal

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Often when creating grungy styles I resort to stock imagery, as is the case with this weathered metal look. The base for the look is a metal texture, heavily treated in Photoshop, with an After Effects comp combining Roughen Edges and Fractal Noise for blotches and scratches. You’ll also notice I’ve color corrected the Text comp inside the Main comp to help it sit better with the background. The background was created by combining a couple of stock footage layers, which have been replaced in the download with a rendered still.

  1. illd

    Hi JD, seems you forgot the stils inside the project. I am very interesterd in this technique..

  2. Loay

    You forgot the footage…:)

  3. John Dickinson

    Sorry about that, the project has now been updated with the image files.

  4. F1r3

    sweet! thanks for sharing. I just love this website 🙂

  5. Loay

    Thanks for great post John

  6. Haxn

    thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. TornhearT

    Hi if you have adream about teach someone fro zero level to the best.

    could u do that and choose me : (

    because i lost between many lessons and programs, i have many of websites ,lessons and many things.
    and i cann’t begin with anyone of them.

    plz if u have advice, or such dream I am waaiting you..

    and thanks for you .
    great website.
    great teacher.
    thanks alot.

    • John Dickinson

      Hi TornhearT, I’ve taught many beginners over the years. The key to getting started is just…well… to get started! Don’t be overwhelmed by how much training there is out there, just start somewhere. I used and the Adobe Classroom in a Book to get started. Best, John.

  8. TornhearT

    WoW ..
    this is must be the first word , u reply my post quickly.
    Second sorry for bad english.I feel i loose everything and i couldn’t learn useful thing ..Maybe I need medical mental help 🙂
    thanx for advice.
    and realy i’ll read it always.

    plz ask god to be like u or ahalf 🙂
    thanx alot

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