Use System Shortcut Keys

From After Effects CS5.5 the keyboard shortcuts Command M (Make Movie), Command H (Replace Footage) and Command Option H (Set Keyframe Interpolation Method) appear to have been changed but never fear, they haven’t. In Preferences > General, the Use System Shortcut Keys option is active by default. You can revert to the original behaviour by deselecting this option, or by adding the Control key to the above shortcuts. Phew!

  1. CG motionbox

    Thanks 🙂

  2. James

    Hello. If I upgrade to 5.5, can I copy over my current custom keyboard shortcuts file from after effects cs5? Or are there new features with new shortcuts set up for 5.5?

  3. videopac

    thank you ^_^

  4. pasto

    Thanx so much !!
    I’ll be forever a faithfull friend. Ask anything.
    This window minimising was just killing my brain.

    • John Dickinson

      Yes it was killing mine too pasto! Best wishes, John.

  5. Zoya

    Thank you!!!!

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