Time Travellers

Here’s a stills breakdown of the Time Travellers title graphic. Software used includes ¬†After Effects with Element 3D, Trapcode Form, GenArts Sapphire and Magic Bullet Mojo.

TimeTravellers01 TimeTravellers02 TimeTravellers03 TimeTravellers04 TimeTravellers05 TimeTravellers06 TimeTravellers07 TimeTravellers08 TimeTravellers09 TimeTravellers10 TimeTravellers11 TimeTravellers12 TimeTravellers13 TimeTravellers14 TimeTravellers15
  1. Stephen Townsend

    This is excellent and, as good as it is, I still can’t help but wonder if it might have been even better if a true 3D package like Cinema4D or 3DS Max had been used?

    Of course time is a big factor, which is where Element 3D is going to make Mr Kramer a lot of money (I suspect) since it allows much more on-the-fly adjustments unlike true 3D packages.

    My personal preference would be to take longer producing something visually stronger but that would mean turning down jobs that require a very quick turn around.

    • John Dickinson

      Hey Stephen,
      In the end for me it comes down to whatever gets to the job at hand in the shortest amount of time, to the satisfaction of the client. With a job just after this I spent time modelling letter in Cinema 4D because I had the time.
      Best wishes,

  2. medialark

    As mentioned above, time is obviously a huge factor – if you’re a professional designer with clients with a significant budget.

    But another big factor I think, is the ease of use for a prosumer level designer or company without a huge budget – the kind of company where somebody with maybe a year or two of experience does design inhouse. Those 3d programs produce great results once you get the hang of them, but I know when I first opened C4D, the information overload was pretty immense. There’s so many buttons! Element 3d seems like a product that is built for somebody with solid knowledge of After Effects but who has maybe not got a ton of 3d skills.

    It really seems like VideoCopilot is good at targeting those prosumer users.

    PS – Thanks for the demo, looks really solid.

    • John Dickinson

      I agree that there is a market for “non-3D” users. Zaxwerks has been servicing that market for well over a decade with 3D Invigorator and later ProAnimator! Best, John.

  3. Jon Hooper

    Out of the Element 3D Text Looks that you posted, this was my favorite (I love time travel)!
    I like how you used Form as a displacement map.
    Great work.

    • John Dickinson

      Thanks Jon. Using the Form layer as the displacement map for the type helps sell the shot better for sure.
      Best, John.

  4. Gerson Bradford

    I love compositing with 3D packages such as Maya, but, I hate to render passes. It’s a pain that After Effects doesn’t make it easy for compositing with real footage. I am addicted to after effects and Nuke. With Elemenet 3D things are easier but somewhat limited but great enough. John you gave a lot of inpiration. This website ROCKS!

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