Maintaining Velocity

Have you ever created an animation you were happy with only to realise you needed to extend the length? In this short tip learn a technique for extending an animation quickly and easily while maintaining the velocity.

  1. John Rocchetti

    Thanks for the great tip.. I noticed you have both frames and NTSC displayed can you tell me how you did this?

  2. John Dickinson

    You’re welcome. I’m using After Effects CS5.5.

  3. Jonathan Kirsch

    Thanks for the tip, John (and Angie). Since there is an expression, is there a way to add another keyframe to if you wanted to stop the logo, say, when it gets to the left side of the screen?

  4. Clint

    Thanks so much for sharing! Just two days ago I needed to extend the handles on a dozen or so animations involving 3D camera movements, and I but didn’t want to change the overall speed and feel of them.

    Obviously the manual method is not really useful for trying to extend motion in several dimensions (without separating dimensions), so I was thrilled to hear there’s an expression that does this. I’ll be definitely using that one.

  5. Merlin

    Great Tip, Thank a lot! I Used it today:)

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