A Focus on Speed

After Effects Product Manager Steve Forde has put forward this tantalising question to all After Effects users:

What if we did NOTHING else in After Effects during 2014 other than make it faster? I mean MUCH faster. I mean much faster without a specific hardware requirement (new CPU, GPU, disk, machine, etc)? 

The overall response so far, including my own, is an overwhelming “Hell Yes”. What about you? Could you manage with no new features for a while if After Effects was made much faster? Be sure to have your say.

  1. Lyndon Alvarez

    Yes, I would be ALL FOR IT 🙂 I was just thinking “I wish they would try to blend the diff. software apps together by borrowing what works better/best for each program” considering there are many overlaps and more consistency across the board, I believe, would be way better then spending time on creating new effects, plugins, etc.

    So I would not be opposed to speed performance increases 😛

  2. Lou Borella

    I’ve been asking this question for a few years now!!
    I can almost guarantee that Steve Forde posted that blog entry as a response to this speed comparison between After Effects and Motion that I posted on Vimeo.


    I wrote a letter to one of the After Effects engineers last week asking about software optimization. I know for a fact this letter has hit the inbox of Todd Koripova. I’m still waiting for an answer.

    You can read the letter here:


    Let me know if you think this will bear any fruit. Ae is in dire need of an upgrade. I feel like Adobe is milking the legacy code for all its worth at this point.

    Lou Borella

  3. Oru Tosan Nick

    Thats the BEST question they have ever asked… Like you I say “MAKE IT HAPPEN ALREADY”….

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