Ae Experiment 10

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Suggested for this Experiment
  • Trapcode Form

Trapcode Form is one of my favourite plug-in effects for all kinds of organic and abstract looks. For Experiment 10 I focussed on the Quick Map settings, which I’d hardly touched until now. What can you make? Use only Trapcode Form applied to a Solid Layer and don’t use the Brainstorm Tool! You may like to experiment with custom layer maps or even an imported OBJ file! Take at least 30 minutes to explore the effects and post a JPG in the comments.

  1. Steven Bussey

    Form is also one of my favorits.

    Here is a quick one… more to come for the rest of the week that is for sure.

  2. Jim Hines


  3. Jim Hines

    “Elbow Grease”

    Sorry did about 8 of these things just now LOL couldn’t decide.

  4. Peter Jacobson

    This is trapcode form on a solid…duped, rotated and precomped a few times.

  5. mehanig

    Kind of ios7 look

  6. Mark Shingleton

    Just a quick experiment

  7. Kyle

    Quick experiment.

    • Jim Hines

      This is intriguing. Particularly the shading and color. Really created some believable dimension. Here is my homage. Missed the mark but it was fun trying.
      If you don’t mind sharing and have the time and actually saved the project – would you post your specs?
      Thanks, nice freestyling.

      • Kyle

        Hey Jim,

        Thanks for the kind words. I can send you the file if you’d like to take a look. [email protected]

  8. Cameron Gage

    Love Form

  9. Nick

    Hey John! Great meeting you at the conference! Here is my first experiment! The experiments are a great idea, they really get the creative juices flowing!

    • John Dickinson

      You too Nick! Good on you for making the effort to try an experiment!
      Best, John.

  10. Joe Nicklo

    Made a custom “alien planet” map and applied it to the Layer Maps within Form. Messed around from there.

    • Joe Nicklo

      I cheated a bit and brought in a nebula background image. Would like to have done that with Trapcode MIR.

    • John Dickinson

      Oh really nice Joe!

  11. Tim


  12. Michael

    I really need to dip into this plug-in more…

    • John Dickinson

      It’s one of my favs!

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