After Effects CC 2017 Update

Adobe has released the Spring 2017 version of Creative Cloud which includes some useful new features in After Effects.

Check out After Effects Product Manager Victoria Nece’s blog post for detailed information.

  1. Michiel

    The “essential graphics” panel looks interesting. Though it seems to be marketed as a tool for “motion graphics templates”, might this be a first step in ridding us of the neccesity to keep drilling down endless twirl-down options in the timeline? It seems like not all parameters can be added (yet), for instance for a shape layer, trim paths function, you can add the start and end parameters but not the offset. Hopefully Adobe will expand on this and add any missing parameters in future updates.

    • John Dickinson

      It definitely can be used to create a customised set of parameters and I agree that it would be better if one could add any parameter.

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