Cartoon, Bilateral Blur and Turbulent Noise

After Effects CS4 introduced us to 3 new effects: Cartoon, Bilateral Blur and Turbulent Noise. Bilateral Blur and Turbulent Noise are very similar to the existing Smart Blur and Fractal Noise effects. In this tutorial, we’ll take a quick look at these effects and see what makes them different.

  1. cp

    ^^ thank you~!!!

  2. Anderson

    Thank You John! Great Job!

  3. Gustavo

    Hi JD, can you tell me please what would be the best configuration in AEcs4 for ram and cores for a mac book pro c2d 2.5 4gb ram. By the way very good tutorials,

  4. John Dickinson

    With 4GB of RAM it depends if you want to leave any RAM for other applications. If you do, you may need to try some different configurations but I would say try 800MB per core…

  5. Gustavo

    Thank You very much JD, I’ll try it.

  6. kamal98

    great thanks

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