Card Wipe

Guest host James Zwadlo demonstrates the After Effects Card Wipe effect.

  1. Matt Sich

    Great tutorial! thanks!


  2. samehaedesign

    john i like soooo much the new look of the website …. awesome choice
    great tut James Zwadlo btw đŸ™‚

  3. Jesper Sandell

    Nice tutorial!

  4. A3

    Hello! very nice examples. Did I miss how to use a precomp as a transition matte?

    How do you tell the plugin to use for example the gradient precomp as a matte for the transition?

  5. A3

    this message is just to use the “notify me of followup” option… I forgot to select it on me previous post

    • James Zwadlo

      Hi A3,

      In the plugin there is a ‘Gradient’ option where you can select your pre-comp which you should have already made (hopefully!) Make sure to move all attributes to new comp when you pre-compose, do not leave them in the same comp. Hope this helps!

      • A3

        Thanks James, I was selecting the layer but wasn’t selecting the layer option on the Flip Order drop menu.

  6. anshul

    great work

  7. jesus

    hola me gusto

  8. kirk

    A bit new to Ae, Love the tutorial, however, I’m having trouble understanding how to set up the checker board precomp.How did you get the 10 little 48 x 48 squares? Are they 10 individual 48×48 solids/pictures?

    • John Dickinson

      Hi Kirk,
      There is a Checkerboard effect – Effects > Generate > Checkerboard.
      Best wishes, John.

  9. kirk

    Wow, works perfectly!! Again, excellent tutorial! But, that checkerboard was a really important part of the tut and should have been mentioned-especially for us newcomers. Anyway, thanks for the quick response.

  10. Dennis Flojo

    I tried following this tutorial and I can’t make the card wipe transition followed the gradient layer. Can you please explain more. Thanks. I love this site!!!

    • A3

      Hi Dennis, I was also having trouble with that. I had to pause the tutorial at the point where he selects the layer that has the card wipe plugin applied. You need to select “Gradient” on the “flip order” drop menu. It’s set “left to right” by default. Then on the “Gradient layer” option, select the layer that has the gradient applied. That layer has to be a Comp in which inside is the layer with the gradient.

      Hope this helps.

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