Brush Strokes

The After Effects Brush Strokes effect could easily be written off as a cheesy oil painting-style effect, but under the hood it has loads more potential. Watch the tutorial to find out what I discovered.


  1. ashcat

    This really cool, thanks for sharing.

  2. Todd Kopriva

    The last tip—about the customizable grid of dots—is excellent!

  3. Dethel J. Mateo

    Sweet thanks,

  4. Nobru

    Excellent , thx from French guy !!!

  5. Andre Friedman

    I just love A-Z series.Thanx, John!

  6. Rob

    This A-Z series is awesome!

  7. Timo Salomäki

    Very nice! I like to play with these default effects once in a while but I see that I should do it a little bit more. Grunge effect was my favorite and those dots were cool too!

  8. illd

    great tip – thx

  9. David Byrne

    Great stuff John. Really like the scanlines effect, My first thought as you were showing that was: Wow, that’s a really interesting alternative to Venetian Blinds, as it actually distorts the image according to the RGB values, not just overlaying lines. Very interesting look. And I really like the grid look too, quite retro, could image that on a 70’s Movie poster. Time for some experimentin’!

  10. Fugoo

    Hi there and thanks a lot for the tip !!!

    I wonder how we could make the same effect that the last one (kind of elliptic pixel) but with a vector shape fill with one color (as if the shape was the pixel).
    It’s quite hard to be more precise in english but i’m sure you’ll understand
    In an another way :
    is it possible to make a vector wall (skulls, hearts, points, etc) which take is colors in a background picture, each vector is taken its color and they all make the picture behind ??

    Sorry for my bad english (i’m french) if you really don’t understand I can post a picture or trying to translate better my idea.

    Thanks one more time !

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