Channel Combiner

After Effects wizard Maltaannon is back, this time demystifying the Channel Combiner effect and how to use it on challenging keying projects.

  1. Frank Busch

    maltaannon again out of control 😉 Really interesting ideas. In my next project I ´ll use maltaannon ´s tips.

  2. illd

    Good to see Maltaannon back on the channel(s) ;).
    Compliated issue very well explained – thx bro!

  3. Rogue Robot

    Maltaannon how we miss you!
    Great to see a tutorial from you – there’s always some clever little tip I’ve never considered (usually involving CC Composite).
    More, please…

  4. kevin peleschak

    really great tutorial. easy to follow, quick and to the point, and one of the most functional tips ive ever gotten.

  5. Rafael

    One question: Wouldn’t I achieve the same effect by doing a simple blur on an adjustment layer while setting its blending mode to “color”?

  6. Damien

    This is the only time I’ve been to your website. Thanks for sharing more information.

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