Ae Experiment 20

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Suggested for this Experiment
  • CC HexTile
  • Grid
  • CC Sphere
  • Tritone
  • CC Light Rays
  • Glow

In this first time recorded experiment I had some fun playing with CC HexTile.

  1. Matthew

    Great experiment! I may have taken to far though…

    Thanks for doing these. Helps break-up the routine and learn way more.


    • John Dickinson

      You’re welcome Matthew, good on your for making the effort.

  2. fremox

    I really like all your experiments, but i particularly love this one !
    Hextiles is so powerful, and i haven’t even thought to use it in the past… so, thank you to have shown the power behind this effect !
    Now i have plenty of HUD designs ideas to work on 🙂
    Keep up the great stuff and thanks again from France !

  3. Matt

    Maybe a bit late to the party, but I love this. Great tutorial/experimenation, thankyou!

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