AE Experiment 18

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Suggested for this Experiment
  • Ellipse
  • Mirror

This experiment is based on the Ellipse and Mirror effects, two effects which I rarely use. Applying multiple instances of Mirror allowed me to create some interesting circular patterns. By adding Transform, Twirl and CC Lens then duplicating the layer and tweaking the settings on each layer, I came up with this graphical flower style. Try Ellipse and Mirror together yourself and see what you can come up with. Add other effects to taste but remember, loads of effects may not necessarily be a good thing!

  1. sriswathi.b

    It’s very nice i used my personal project.

  2. Sharell

    This was a fun experiment. Thank yo. Here is how mines turned out.

    • John Dickinson

      Good effort Sharell, I like the depth.

  3. coyote

    here my vampirewith a big nose! 🙂 not circular but fun!

  4. Joe B

    I went a little overboard, but then again, it was a slow day at work.

    • John

      Oooh that looks great Joe!

      • Joe B

        Thank you for the inspiration.

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