Ae Experiment 16

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Suggested for this Experiment
  • Curves
  • 4-Color Gradient

For this experiment I focussed on Shape Layers and while they aren’t particularly user friendly, they can be pretty handy. My main focus was on adding multiple strokes with different Dash settings. The strokes are animated using the “Time” expression. The only effects are Curves and 4-Color Gradient added to an adjustment layer.

Download the project (CC 13.1), have a play and see what you can come up with, or try building something from scratch. Spend at least 30 minutes and try out the different Shape Layer settings, then upload an image to the comments and add a link to your render if you have one. Have fun and be creative!

  1. Sascha

    Because I work with AE5.5 I can`t open your project-files :/ therefore started from scratch and come up with something op-art like by using a repeater and changed the settings for some of the repeater transforms >

    • John Dickinson

      Cool Sascha, my project file isn’t necessary for the experiment, in fact it’s better if you do start from scratch!
      Best, John.

  2. Declan Zimmermann

    Hi John,

    Enjoyed finding your site! Beautiful work and I agree on the need to experiment.

    Attached was made using shape layers a few months ago. The basic form is a sort of twisted teardrop, shade with a gradient greyscale, radially repeated then layered with a scale offset.

    CC twirl was used to twist this a bit, then the precomp was layered with some transfer modes, color changes and simple blur to produce the final.

    This is a still from a looping animation.

    • John Dickinson

      Great work Declan!

  3. qldps

    By tweaking the skew of the stroke layers I got an orthographic feel to it

    • John Dickinson


  4. Michael Hyneman

    Found this exercise much needed after a bit of time away from the experimenting and shape layers. Found some inspiration in it to make some looping patterns for the usual day-job work flow.

    • John Dickinson

      Good stuff Michael.

      • Michael Hyneman

        Thanks John. The only thing I went back and played with more is the strokes, I did not account for the slanting when going 3D so I had to play those out a little more… but all in all, good to be back on things.

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