Ae Experiment 15

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Suggested for this Experiment
  • Box Blur
  • CC Wide Time
  • CC Ball Action
  • Levels
  • CC Toner
  • Glow
  • Vibrance

For this After Effects Experiment type is the main element. Here I used full stops (period) with animation created using Text Animator Groups including Position, Scale and Blur properties and a Wiggly Selector.


Next I added CC Ball Action, CC Wide Time and Levels on Adjustment Layer.


Then duplicated the text layer and moved it above the Adjustment Layer, adding Box Blur and CC Wide Time, which gives an interesting mix of dots and blur.


I finished up with another Adjustment Layer with CC Toner (Pentone), Glow and Vibrance. Download the project file and have a play with the different effects and settings including the Animator Property and Wiggly Selector settings. Give yourself at least 30 minutes to play and post your example in the comments.

  1. Henning

    nice experiment…i’ve made just little changes.


    • John Dickinson

      Nice adjustments, both looks work well.

  2. michael

    Here is my take. I started getting into the warm cooler area and it made me think of Blade Runner. I also started to experiment with just different settings in the Box Blur and made two additional text layers (which all are a bit staggered position wise).

    • John Dickinson

      Interesting, did you add some scan lines?

  3. michael

    Yes I used a venetian blinds and then duplicated both as overlays with a Luma Mask. Not sure if so many steps were needed for that last part but I am trying to use many tools I was not using in AE at my last position. Thanks John for supplying such experiments and tutorials… it is helping me get back some focus and unblock my creativity bit by bit.

  4. Tim

    Police scanner lineup?

  5. Mohammed

    Each experiment you’ve released is varied and allows for any number of new effects and designs to be created.

    Thanks again John.

  6. Mohammed

    I haven’t got around to it, but I’m guessing you could start off with a layer that has the card wipe effect and then build from there? Would you need to pre-compose the layer?

  7. os

    Very interesting but I don’t have AE CC2014 to open it !!

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