3D for After Effects Artists

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In this extended tutorial, learn a workflow for combining a 3D look created in After Effects using the Cinema 4D renderer, with graphic elements created in Cinema 4D Lite (or Cinema 4D). We start with a basic 2.5D look using the Classic 3D renderer, switch to the Cinema 4D renderer and enhance the comp to create a clean extruded look. Next we introduce reflections and an environment for a glossier more polished look. And finally, we export the scene to Cinema 4D Lite where we create elements to reimport and enhance the look using Cineware.

For a 3rd party cloning option for Cinema 4D Lite check out MoGraph Cloner Lite. Thanks to Nicole Hawkins for the baked camera expressions tip.


  1. Harrison Grant

    Thanks for sharing this project John, some very handy tips that will certainly speed up my AE workflow.

    • John Dickinson

      Cool Harrison, glad you found it useful.

  2. ade

    Please how can i learn after effects as a beginner to pro?

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