12 Days That Shocked The World

For this spot the client requested a 28 Days Later look for the graphics. It can be challenging to be creative (without doing a complete rip-off) when given very specific guidelines for how the design should be. In this case I decided to use the red and black grungy look of 28 Days Later as a basis for my own unique look.

The logo was designed in Adobe Illustrator using Helvetica Inserat then taken into Photoshop and roughened up using textures I found at the StockXchang  and StockXpert, various organic brushes to add detail, layer styles and blend modes. The background uses this texture as a base combined with other textures. StockXpert is great if you can’t find what you are looking for at StockXchang, it’s cheap and you can choose the resolution you require.

The footage in the spot is pretty old and poor so I gave it a simple color grade (increased the contrast mostly) and a vignette. Since the full frame graphics give the spot it’s impact, this is where I spent the most time. I really wanted them to look as if they were from a film trailer. The basis of these graphics is an oversized version of the logo moving up, down or across the screen. Since you can never completely read the text of the logo it adds intrigue to the spot which culminates with the entire logo being revealed at the end. A soft feathered spotlight moving across the dark background adds depth and mood.

  1. James Wicks

    I like the grunge look.
    Also, I love the music and sound Fx.
    It underscores the visuals, adding to the overall look.

    You’re showing your edgier side.
    Jim Wicks
    West Palm Beach, FL

  2. JCrespo

    Good graphics and animation work. Greate Look!!. but.. maybe is why english is not my primary language, I found the message a liltle quick to read, especialy the first questions. You made the audio? if yes it should be a very good tutorial of how to design the sound fx. if you no made it, how to prepare for other person make it. Thanks

  3. JD

    I supplied the graphics to the audio guy. We don’t get much chance to work with audio at Foxtel, that is left up to the promo producers. We get to make suggestions but that’s about it.

  4. Roy Nieterau

    The Grunge look is really cool. I like your blog and everything you create. I read your post one day about the Grunge style and how you used it of VideoCoPilot. Do you know any way to create styles like those yourself? Is that really hard?

    By the way liked the promo!

  5. JD

    If you mean making ink spots and those kinds of things I’ve not needed to make them myself. It wouldn’t be that hard but unless I really needed something custom I would always turn to a product such as Riot Gear.

  6. Mark

    Did you work on the grading of the footage as well?

  7. John Dickinson

    Yes Mark, I graded the footage.

  8. Josh

    I love this spot, and have a question about how you put it together. How did you get the white to run through the logo, as if it was behind it, and being cut out as it moved back through it? I am guessing something with transfer modes or track mattes? I had an idea I was messing around with, but can’t get the look I want. Any explanation would be great. Keep up the awesome work!

    • John Dickinson

      Hi Josh, I used a duplicate of the logo as a track matte for the white text. Simple yet effective. All the best, John.

  9. Daniel Grid

    Very nice Jhon, please make a tut of it.

    • John Dickinson

      Hi Daniel, no tut for this one sorry 🙂 Best, John.

  10. Hussin

    Nice job John! How long did it take you to do it?

    • John Dickinson

      It was a while ago… I think I had 5 days on this… Best, John.

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