Bond Classic Bond Teaser

For this Promax Gold Award winning teaser we did a green screen shoot with models then keyed and rotoscoped the footage then vectorized it using the Adobe Illustrator Live Trace batch feature in Adobe Bridge. All animation was done in Adobe After Effects.

To make the spot flow seamlessly, I spent quite a bit of time considering how to transition from one shot to the next, and took special care with the timing of each move to maximize readability but minimize any abrupt motion. Personally I feel it’s a good marriage of the Fox Classics style requirements with the look of Bond.

  1. Kevin

    Very, very nice. Love the transitions you used. I also felt the type revealing from center really added to the piece as well. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Luca A.

    Very nice! I like It!

  3. Tadas

    Amazing! How do you come up with all these ideas? Nice job.

  4. JD

    I’ll do an eseminar on exactly how I created the look but basically I keyed the footage, cleaned up any difficult areas with masks. Duplicated the layer and keyed the skin out, leaving only the white areas. Rendered this black and white version and batch vectorized using Live Trace via Bridge.

    I did a lot of research into the Bond style, watching all of the opening title sequences to the films. This gave me a good overview of the Bond Style.

    The “smoke” inside the Bond Girl is Trapcode Form. I’m doing a 90 second promo now that features Form more heavily. I’ll post that next week.

  5. VFX-Anomaly

    A True Broadcast Designer.

    This is where you Shine JD… your talent and obvious artistic eye are above the rest 🙂
    Really Great Job!

  6. AndrewE

    Awesome work man! Did you use an alpha traced mask to keep the lines so clean and vector like? As well as setting your tolerance up to make a stark contrast to grab the whites and black? This is absolutely brilliant. I’m glad I’ve found your site recently, really inspiring and fun work!

  7. Topher

    THAT was AWESOME! I think this is the best of all the spots. The transitions were really creative and I like how the oranges and blacks revealed and covered their matching colored animations up. VERY VERY good job… is that form or just a fractal on the chick at the end… ?

  8. illd

    Masterpiece! I love the Bondish look and the animations fit perfect together, concratulations to your baby 🙂 Although it wasn ´t your part of the job, one thing I didn ´t like was the audio. To me it isn ´t the most inspiring Bond theme, and the ending of the song is very abrupt. Is it really like this on TV, or was it just an audiopremix?

  9. AndrewE

    Awesome! Thanks for the little explanation on how you created such a great effect. I look forward to the tut! Cheers!

  10. JD

    A key feature in many of the opening title sequences of the Bond films is fire and water. The “Form” element was used to pay homage to that. Form is used more in the 90 second promo I’m working on at the moment. I’ll post some clips soon.

  11. Pedro F2

    Great work there, nice and smooth transitions 🙂

  12. Jonathan Clegg

    I like the beginning alot, but i dont quite get why the girl is silhouetted with trapcode form ( maybe I’m missing a bond reference along the way? i dunno maybe its the Grey… maybe i’m being overlly picky.
    What I like in particular is the method of dissecting and intersecting the colours and the one layer feel that the beginning has through this use of colour. nice.

  13. wjm

    John, Terrific blend of the Fox needs and the Bond vibe. My fav moment was Timothy Dalton’s cuff-adjustment! I look forward to the e-seminar! ciao, wjm

  14. mflo

    Very nice work … out of curiosity what font did you use for these productions

  15. John Dickinson

    The font is Swiss924BT.

  16. Vikash Verma

    nice. Love it 🙂

    • John Dickinson

      Thank you Vikash. Best wishes, John.

  17. Sue

    Wonderful, Wonderful work! it was soooo beautifully made, in my dreams i ´d ever think to become as good and creative as all of you :O . Amazing!!! simple amazing

  18. Hadi

    Hi MR.Dickinson
    were is the tutorial of 007 Teaser 4 (Promax 2008 Gold Winner)?

    thanks for everything

    • John Dickinson

      Hi Hadi,
      It’s here: http:

      Best wishes,

  19. Hadi

    thanks for attention

    i Want video tutorial of this teaser…

    complete tutorial….like this video

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