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Tutorials are a valuable tool in the quest to master motion graphics. Here on Motionworks we offer a range of step-by-step and walkthrough After Effects and Cinema 4D tutorials, recorded by some of the top presenters from around the world. You’ll also find project breakdowns that present the key areas of design and production for individual projects.

Remember that tutorials will only take you part of the way and to truly master motion graphics you must develop your own unique style. Spend time working on your own projects and perhaps join us in the regular experiments here on Motionworks, where we explore the software without guides or rules. Have fun and be creative!

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Motion Design with Cinema 4D Lite

Learn how After Effects was used together with Cineware and Cinema 4D Lite to create a look for my recent Adobe ...

817 views 2 comments

Cineware 2.0

A quick overview of the new features and enhancements in Cineware 2.0, included in the upcoming After Effects CC ...


Sci-Fi Ident Breakdown

As part of the recent rebrand for Foxtel On Demand I created some genre-specific indents that play before the ...

1,963 views 4 comments


With a great conversational style, designer Carey Smith discusses composition in design – what it is and why it’s ...

1,730 views 1 comment

Channel Splitter

QHQ Channel Splitter is an After Effects script and Photoshop action for automatic splitting of the image/footage ...


Introduction to Nodes 2

Eran Stern gives introduction to the brilliant Nodes 2 plug-in for After Effects.

1,744 views 1 comment

Working With Texture Tags

Learn techniques and workarounds for toggling Cinema 4D texture tags on and off.

1,772 views 4 comments

Mask Tracking & Colour Grading in Ae

Director Stu Maschwitz demonstrates Creative cloud 2014's mask tracking tools in a colour grade workflow with ...

1,873 views 1 comment


Formatting text for dynamically generated numbers in After Effects just got a whole lot easier thanks to QubaHQ.

2,376 views 2 comments

Background Design With Primitive Shapes

Harry Frank shows how to use very simple shapes in Cinema 4D to create an awesome looking background. Then ...


Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

This look was created using After Effects CC and MovieType For Element 3D, Optical Flares, Magic Bullet Mojo, BCC ...


BCC Grunge

Learn the basics of the Boris Continuum Complete 9 Grunge effect, and see how I used it and other BCC effects to ...

2,371 views 2 comments

Ripped Paper

Learn how to use standard After Effects tools, including Turbulent Noise and Turbulent Displace, to create a ...

3,557 views 3 comments

New Features in AE CC 2014

After Effects CC 2014 has been released, with some terrific new features and enhancements.

37,395 views 8 comments

Frosty Window

Learn how to combine stock footage with default Adobe After Effects tools to create a realistic frosty window.

57,357 views 4 comments

Split Screen Looks

For this project I explored split screen looks in After Effects. It can be a tricky look to use and not look retro.

21,176 views 6 comments

Warm Bodies

Learn how Adobe Illustrator, After Effects and Cinema 4D were used to create a promo for Warm Bodies.

99,628 views 3 comments

Olympus Has Fallen

Learn how I used Cinema 4D, After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator in this Olympus Has Fallen promo breakdown.

84,069 views 12 comments

New Features in AE 12.1

After Effects 12.1 is loaded with handy features and in this tutorial I demonstrate some of the main features and ...

69,801 views 14 comments

Hidden Gems in AE 12.0

In this tutorial I demonstrate some of the less obvious, but still super useful new features in After Effect CC (12.0).

65,485 views 8 comments

The Talking Dead

Brett Morris discusses The Talking Dead and how he used Cinema 4D and MovieType to create the spot.

54,230 views 4 comments

Realistic Human Iris

I’ve always wanted to attempt a realistic human iris in After Effects and last week I got my chance.

33,165 views 16 comments

Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters

This look, inspired by the opening titles for Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters, was created using Cinema 4D, ...

22,394 views 2 comments

Woodblock Print Style

This short Photoshop walkthrough demonstrates how I used Photoshop Oil Paint and Filters to create a woodblock ...

16,066 views 5 comments

Cineware & Cinema 4D Lite

In this overview I demonstrate the new Cineware effect and discuss the benefits of this exciting workflow.

21,890 views 17 comments

Flipping Objects

In this short tutorial, learn some of the different methods for flipping an object in After Effects.

8,210 views 5 comments

Oscar Month

Learn how I used Cinema 4D and After Effects with some help from Greyscale Gorilla, to create a glamorous Oscar look.

25,066 views 42 comments

Model a Mask

In this sample lesson from Making It Look Great 10, host Rob Redman demonstrates how to subpolygon model a mask.

7,101 views 6 comments

The Courier

Learn how I used Cinema 4D and After Effects with help from Greyscale Gorilla in this Courier promo breakdown.

9,631 views 13 comments

Total Recall

Learn how I used Cinema 4D and After Effects, with help from Greyscale Gorilla and Motion Designer’s Toolkit in ...

13,276 views 6 comments

Model a Net

In this sample lesson from Making It Look Great 10, host Rob Redman demonstrates how to model a dynamic net.

15,943 views 14 comments

Shadows, Swords & Snow

This set of quick-turnaround graphics all have a similar look and feel and were created using Cinema 4D, After ...

22,463 views 7 comments

Repositioning Motion Paths

How do you reposition a keyframed motion path in After Effects? Guest host James Zwadlo demonstrates some techniques.


OSX Workspaces

Learn how to use Mac OSX Mission Control and Workspaces to save time and streamline your workflow.

4,296 views 4 comments

Hulk Walkthrough

In this webinar for Boris FX, I breakdown the Hulk animation created using After Effects and Boris Continuum Complete 8.

7,999 views 1 comment

Symmetry Object

Guest host Michael Szabo from Big Mike Design demonstrates the Cinema 4D Symmetry Object.

10,915 views 5 comments

Removing Dust From Video

Guest host Angie Taylor demonstrates the smart way to approach dust removal across multiple frames of video.

7,316 views 12 comments

Render Setting Presets

Guest host Craig Whitaker explains Cinema 4D render setting presets and how he uses them to save time.

10,113 views 8 comments

Time Travellers

Here's a stills breakdown of the Time Travellers title graphic, created using After Effects with Element 3D.

15,189 views 7 comments

Word Spacing

Guest host Eran Stern demonstrates how to adjust word spacing in both Photoshop and After Effects.


Difference Matte

Learn tricks for creating a clean plate using Photoshop's Smart Object settings, then use that plate with ...

12,222 views 29 comments

Moneyball Jumbtron

Learn how I used After Effects with GenArts Sapphire and Noise Industries FX Factory Pro to create a Moneyball ...

5,709 views 2 comments

CC Page Turn

Guest host Adam Everett Miller demonstrates the basics of CC Page Turn. Check out Adam's full length tutorial on AeTuts.

12,656 views 1 comment

The Brainstorm Tool

Rediscover the power of brainstorming and how you can use it to accelerate experimentation in After Effects.

7,886 views 3 comments

Quick Vignette

Learn how to create a quick and flexible vignette using Curves, Circle and CC Composite.

3,697 views 3 comments

Alien Meteor Storm

Learn how I used After Effects with Trapcode Particular to create an alien meteor storm reminiscent of the film The ...

7,966 views 19 comments

CS6 3D Template

This free After Effects project will give you some ideas when working with 3D ray traced scenes in After Effects CS6.

51,544 views 2 comments

New 3D Features in After Effects CS6

After Effects CS6 includes a new ray-traced 3D renderer, 3D text and shape layer extrusion, environment layers, ...

1 views 24 comments

The Collision Deformer

Guest host Michael Szabo demonstrates how to use the Collision Deformer to create an effect where bullets bounce ...

5,864 views 5 comments

Exporting to Cinema 4D

Learn how to export an existing After Effects project to Cinema 4D to add a 3D logo.

6,419 views 10 comments

Channel Combiner

After Effects wizard Maltaannon is back, this time demystifying the Channel Combiner effect and how to use it on ...

9,623 views 7 comments

CC Flo Motion

Guest host Florian Fueger gives at revealing look at the After Effects CC Flo Motion effect.

9,683 views 14 comments

Captain America Shield

Learn techniques and workflow used to create a battle-scarred Captain America Shield using Cinema 4D, Photoshop and ...

11,880 views 41 comments

Channel Blur

Guest host Jerzy Drozda Jr is back with another After Effects tutorial, this time explaining the basics of the ...

4,240 views 3 comments

Maintaining Velocity

Have you ever created an animation you were happy with only to realise you needed to extend the length?

5,934 views 5 comments

Chemistry by Pierre Magnol

Motion graphic artist Pierre Magnol's Chemistry comprises beautifully shot imagery with fine graphics. I asked ...

8,626 views 11 comments

Explosive TV Graphics 2

Guest host Brett Morris discusses the After Effects workflow he used to create impactful Fast and Furious-style titles.


Advanced Type Fade

After Effects has a very powerful type engine for creating all kinds of dynamic type animations, but what if you ...

12,689 views 9 comments

Grungy Makeover

Learn how to use one of the Digital Juice Toxic Type After Effect templates as a starting point for a grungy promo.

3,934 views 2 comments

Change Color

After Effects Change Color and Change to Color effects are handy tools for isolating and changing colors in ...

5,932 views 1 comment

Pinball Bumper

Learn how to set up a pinball bumper in Cinema 4D with dynamic sound, bump action and lighting effects.

5,217 views 1 comment

Cell Pattern

Cell Pattern is handy for background creation and with a little experimentation you'll be surprised what you can create!

6,417 views 5 comments


Guest host Eran Stern explains Caustics, the water surface simulation effect created by After Effects pioneer Brian ...

15,120 views 7 comments

Experimenting in After Effects

The importance of experimentation to a motion designer can't be over emphasised. Experimentation stretches your ...

11,643 views 22 comments

The Warriors Way

Learn how MovieType for Cinema 4D, After Effects, Sapphire, Key Correct and Optical Flares were used for sweeping ...

9,005 views 9 comments


Guest host James Zwadlo demonstrates creative ways to use the After Effects Cartoon effect.


CC Bender and Bend It

Guest host Quba Michalski demonstrates the After Effects CC Bender and CC Bend It effects and their differences.

13,168 views 9 comments

Card Wipe

Guest host James Zwadlo demonstrates the After Effects Card Wipe effect.

18,697 views 14 comments

4-Color Gradient

Guest host Jerzy Drozda Jr makes a welcome return with some tips for using the After Effects 4-Color Gradient effect.

8,618 views 8 comments

The Shadow Catcher

Guest host Joren Kandel demonstrates how to use the Shadow Catcher plug-in in Cinema 4D for more realistic ...

20,344 views 18 comments

Boole vs Spline Mask

Guest host Joren Kandel demonstrates how to use a Spline Mask instead of a Boole to retain fillet caps on the cut ...

8,982 views 13 comments

CC Bubbles

Guest host James Zwadlo returns to the After Effects: Effects A-Z series with some creative uses for After ...

7,259 views 4 comments

CC Blobbylize

Eran Stern is back with the After Effects CCBlobbylize effect. So put on your googles and gloves, it's gonna get messy!

7,663 views 1 comment

CC Ball Action

Guest host Adam Everett of gives an in-depth breakdown of the After Effects CC Ball Action effect.

9,858 views 4 comments

CC Burn Film

James Zwadlo introduces the After Effects CC Burn Film effect and shares some creative uses for water and ...

15,266 views 7 comments

Spooky Hallway

Learn how I used Vanishing Point in Photoshop to create a 3D hallway, then animate the After Effects camera up the ...

5,201 views 1 comment

Brush Strokes

The After Effects Brush Strokes effect could easily be written off as a cheesy oil painting-style effect.

15,569 views 10 comments

Blur Effects Comparison

Learn the key differences between Box Blur, Fast Blur and Gaussian Blur and which one is the better choice

5,815 views 2 comments

Block Dissolve

Learn how the After Effects Block Dissolve effect can be used for more than simple transitions.

11,074 views 7 comments

Grungy Title Sequence

Learn how to turn a simple After Effects template project into a dynamic and grungy title sequence for an imaginary ...

1 views 3 comments

Invisible Selections

Learn how to use invisible selections when applying multiple materials to NURBS objects in Cinema 4D.

3,912 views 2 comments

Template Extreme Makeover

Learn how I gave an After Effects template an extreme makeover into a moody, sci-fi-style opening sequence.

3,904 views 6 comments

Animating Opacity

Learn how the Display tag and Alpha channel can be used to animate the opacity of your Cinema 4D objects.

10,382 views 15 comments

Freeze Frame Titles 2

As I mentioned in the previous breakdown, shot selection for this kind of look is very important.

16,764 views 22 comments

Fun With Photoshop Layers

In this 2 part After Effects tutorial learn to use a variety of tools in After Effects to bring Photoshop layers to life.


Freeze Frame Titles

The look where a shot is freeze framed and graphics build around a cut-out element isn't new, but surprisingly this ...

15,418 views 23 comments

Grungy Mechanical Look

Learn how to take a layered Photoshop file and breath life into it in After Effects, for a grungy mechanical look


Grungy Sports Look

Learn how I recreated the look of Kick Ass, with a sports theme, almost entirely from stock footage.

2,848 views 3 comments

Automatic Animation Features

In this 2 part recorded webinar, we explore some of the automatic animation features in After Effects.

10,937 views 12 comments

Mini Breakdowns 2

The Hurt Locker is a good example of taking a concept from a tutorial, in this case Andrew Kramer's Animating a Still.

9,607 views 14 comments

Using Illustrator with After Effects

Learn a range of must-know techniques, tips and gotchas for using Adobe Illustrator with Adobe After Effects.

6,693 views 1 comment

Mini Breakdowns 1

For Law Abiding Citizen I took the opportunity to get down and dirty with textures in Cinema 4D.

11,169 views 13 comments

Align, Distribute and Orient

Learn some creatives uses for the After Effects Align and Distribute to Composition and Orient Characters ...

3,210 views 7 comments

Dynamic Sci-Fi Look

Learn how I used Cinema 4D and After Effects to create a dynamic sci-fi look.

12,687 views 11 comments

Refine Edge

Learn how to you can use Photoshop’s Refine Edge tool to take much of the hard work out of refining intricate selections.

7,805 views 8 comments

Follow the Stars

Created in Cinema 4D, this campaign included a competition to win a trip for 2 to Cannes Film Festival.

5,520 views 16 comments

Bezier Warp

Learn how you can use Bezier Warp to make subtle adjustments to the position of elements in your scene.

7,241 views 6 comments

Easy Scripting

Tim Clapham demonstrates a must-know and surprisingly simple technique for creating custom scripts in Cinema 4D.

9,851 views 12 comments

Inglourious Basterds

Learn how I used stock footage and some free grunge textures to recreate the blood splatter style used in the ...

32,791 views 35 comments