Toby Pitman

Toby Pitman is a music producer and insanely talented guitarist in his day job and at night a keen and equally talented 3D artist. In this Unplugged interview I discuss with Toby his career as a musician, how he got into 3D and how he came to be the host of the popular 3D modelling training Making It Look Great 11: Hard Surface Modelling Tactics for Cinema 4D.

  1. Scott

    Always great to see how others work, what else they are into and how they came to be good at the various things, appreciate the interview. Although still working through MLG11, looking forward to the things hinted at coming down the road from you two.

  2. Stephen

    MILG 11 is fantastic – I’d go so far as to say the best money I’ve ever spent on a series of tutorials. Thanks – hope to see more from Toby!

  3. Grischa

    Hi there,

    MILG is the best tutorial on hard surface modeling I’ve seen so far. Congrats!

    Just one question which forum are you guys talking about in the interview exactly?


    • David Uebergang

      @Grischa the slack chat is this link I believe:

      Also big ups John and Toby…. MILG’s been so useful for me, really enjoying modelling now and all the content you two are putting out together.

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