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MovieType used in opening titles for AMC’s “The Talking Dead”

At Capacity we have the pleasure of being able to work with some amazing clients on incredible projects, and a while ago we were asked by AMC to pitch for “The Talking Dead”, an after panel show for the “The Walking Dead”. The brief was to design a package that was reminiscent of the parent show, while staying fun, light hearted and within network branding.

Early in the animation stage we decided the type had to be the hero; it had to hold attention and feel fun. Having developed MovieType for Cinema 4D, I knew it would be the best tool to experiment with and find something that hit all the marks we were aiming for. I went through a number of different ideas before selecting certain moments from each setup and amalgamating all into one connected sequence. MovieType’s flexibility in that process was integral, as its type tools can be easily combined to create unique animations, which look complex but are simple and procedural to create.

What I like most about this workflow is allowing the playback time to continuously play, while tweaking the timing curve and adjusting parameters until the animation is looking just right.

As you can see in the Object Panel above, it was a pretty light scene. In the videos below you can see all the tools in context, showing each of the MTDolly (a MovieType camera tool) compositions around the pivotal moments in the animation, plus a wide shot of the animatic.

I was really stoked we were able to work on this project. Being a big fan of the The Walking Dead, I got a kick out of watching The Talking Dead show every week and knowing I had a hand in the show’s design.

Studio: Capacity
Creative Director: Ellerey Gave
Brett Morris: Design/Modeling/Lighting/Animation
Designers: Blake Flawley, Kenny Lutz

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