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In this special episode of Unplugged, I chat with Zax Dow of Zaxwerks about After Effects CS6 and what the introduction of the 3D ray-traced features means to Zaxwerks flagship products 3D Invigorator and ProAnimator. Use the code motionworks for a 20% discount on full Zaxwerks products.

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Armored is based on graphics from the trailer. The font is TransRobitica, extruded and textured in Cinema 4D using a brushed metal texture. Genarts Sapphire was used for the flare. The background is a stock texture displaced in Cinema 4D. [Read more]

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In this extended tutorial learn how to identify the field order of footage and interpret it collectly; create a realistic Jumbotron-style look using CC Ball Action, Glow, Levels and Curves; turn the jumbotron into a 3D column mounted on grungy wire mesh using Zaxwerks 3D Layer Warps; and fine tune the look by adding animated arrows plus a touch of Trapcode Shine and Magic Bullet Looks. Grab some metal textures from   Watch Tutorial

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Generally, when creating a boxing promo, we are given between two and five days. This project was different, or at least appeared to be different at first. My colleague Brett Morris and I, were given two weeks to design and produce a promo for the upcoming Green V Jones Jr fight here in Sydney. However, after the first two days  of work the deadline was  cut [Read more]

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In this recorded webinar, learn how to create a stylish and moody, Sopranos-style 3D text look. Main tools covered include Adobe After Effects and Zaxwerks ProAnimator. Check out Making It Look Great for more Zaxwerks workflow training. Watch Tutorial | Download Project

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This project is another good example of taking poor quality 4:3 vision, making it 16:9 and giving it some polish. The tools included Adobe After Effects, Zaxwerks ProAnimator, Trapcode Horizon and Shine, and Maltaannon’s Screenify effect (featured in MILG 5).  The vision was treated with  the Screenify effect, which adds a realistic jumbotron [Read more]

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Another boxing promo created using Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop. For this 3 day job I wanted to create a scene reminiscent of a boxing gym wall with old posters and banners. These fighters are up and coming but quite low in the rankings and this will  be a battle of brawlers, so this gritty, unpolished look fits nicely.  The basic idea and color  palette [Read more]

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This project was created in After Effects by combining various effects with Zaxwerks 3D Warps, Zaxwerks ProAnimator and Knoll Light Factory. The main screen was modelled in ProAnimator with the vision mapped to the front face using a layer map. The layer map is a precomp combining the base edit with a Cell Pattern layer  using the Add blend [Read more]

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