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Infinite Skills has released Learning Cinema 4D R15,  new, beginner Cinema 4D training with Chris Martin.

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Infinite Skills has released new Cinema 4D training with Chris Martin, including Cinema 4D to After Effects techniques, fluid dynamics, comping green screen footage into a 3D scene plus an in-depth look at the MoGraph module.

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Making It Look Great 10: Modelling Essentials for Cinema 4D is out now. MILG 10, the latest in the popular MILG series, is hosted by Cinema 4D expert Rob Redman, and will teach you how to model various day-to-day objects using a variety of essential modelling tools and techniques. Enjoy this second sample lesson where Rob demonstrates how to make a mask.

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In this step-by-step tutorial for Digital Juice learn how to take a layered Photoshop file and breath life into it in After Effects, for a grungy mechanical look with loads of depth. Specifically we look at preparing Photoshop files  in Photoshop, how to import the photoshop file into After Effects, animating by creating expressed relationships between layers, positioning layers in 3D, simple camera, lighting and depth of field techniques.  Watch Tutorial

Note: Adding 100 at the end of the expression isn’t actually necessary when working with Rotation (or any property that can have a negative range). I usually use it to reverse Opacity (which won’t return a negative value so needs the +100). Adding 100 to Rotation simply added another 100 degrees to the returned value which had the result of “flipping” the linked cog. You could simply use *-1 or simply add a minus (-) at the front of the expression, such as:  -thisComp.layer(“My Layer”).transform.rotation. Thanks to Harry Frank for the help here.

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In this tutorial learn how I recreated the look of the Kick Ass trailer graphics, with a sports theme, almost entirely from Digital Juice stock footage, photographs and music. As usual you’ll learn a bunch of After Effects workflow tips along the way.  Watch Tutorial

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Did you know that the first 3rd-party effect to be bundled with Adobe After Effects was “Lightning”? Or that the Psunami water simulation plug-in was originally designed for the military? In Part 2 of the conversation with Brian Maffitt, Brian reveals these little-known facts and plenty more; including an in-depth, frank discussion about  Total Training and how [Read more]

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Brian Maffitt is co-founder of Total Training and a legend in the Adobe After Effects community. I regard Brian not only as an industry leader but as a mentor, with his Total AE training series the corner stone of my After Effects knowledge. In part one of this two-part, candid interview we discuss Brian’s early years as an actor with a love for technology, leading to [Read more]

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Every now and then I’m asked what’s the best way to get into Adobe After Effects? I started in 1994 reading DV Magazine articles by Trish and Chris Meyer, working through the Adobe Classroom-in-a-Book, watching Brian Maffitt from Total Training presenting the 10 VHS monster series “Total After Effects”, and most importantly using After Effects at every opportunity. Back then the Web was the new buzzword but the idea of online training of the type now available was still years away. These days there is a wealth of knowledge out there, some free and some fee-based. Here are some resources that I recommend for getting started with Adobe After Effects: [Read more]

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