Quick Supers with Trapcode Form


I had to whip up some quick supers last week and turned to Trapcode Form. Form was used to create the gaseous elements that sit behind the text. The font is Univers Black Oblique and using the oblique face adds a dynamic feel. The lighting was faked using a solid with the After Effects Circle effect applied and a high feather value, rotated in z-space to act as a floor. It’s often not necessary to agonize over lighting when it can be faked in this way, especially when on a tight deadline. The reflection is a flipped copy of the text/form composition, masked and feathered.

FBOMarch001 FBOMarch002 FBOMarch003FBOMarch005 FBOMarch006
  1. Loay

    That’s what I’m talking about John
    & if you can, post more than one post weekly. I want to learn from you more than that.
    & thanks for this good one ;).

  2. Spiro

    Love the Trapcode Form effect. Very cool. The thin blue lines and the larger blurry blob were both created with Form??? Did you add any other effects to make the blob look gaseous, like Fast Blur?

  3. John Dickinson

    The lines are created using the Strings setting. The thick and thin variations were created using a string “density” of 29 and and a “Size Randomness” of 44 . No other effects were applied.

  4. Josh Johnson

    Awesome work John the one trapcode plugin I don’t have but I need!

  5. Jonathan

    nice subtle logo change for moworks

  6. Vasu

    Hey john nice work dude. can u post tutorial and project file for this video.

  7. Haxn

    nice logo update 😉

  8. Benjamin Eshagpoor

    How’d you get it to look like they’re dancing strings? Did you animate the fractal strength?? Also…the reflection of the strings…did you do the same thing you did with the reflection of the text…did you just flip the strings?

  9. Cabbe

    What effects did you use on the text? it’s kinda blurry and has some glow to it

    is it just the glow effect?

  10. John Dickinson

    To move the strings I animated the Flow Evolution and Flow X, with a Displace setting of around 145. The reflection of the Form was created using Form’s Mirror setting and Offset setting.

  11. John Dickinson

    The text was duplicated, blurred and then masked. The duplicate was placed behind the main text and uses the Add blend mode. No Glow effect was used.

  12. Benjamin Eshagpoor

    I figured you used the mirror option in Form. I was trying to recreate what you did the other night, and moving the strings was the only thing I wasn’t able to figure out. Thanks so much for your wisdom and your talent, JD!

  13. lazyboy

    can you post a tutorial? thats so fucking awesome i have to learn how to do this

  14. Klas


    Just wanted to say that the design is beautiful. Thanks for the settings on form!!

  15. Umar

    Hi John, Can you please post the tutorial of this effect? Looking forward.

    • John Dickinson

      Hi Umar, no tutorial is planned for this effect but take a look in the Download section and you’ll find an example in this download.

  16. Mark Israel Casitas

    You ROCK, John..
    Thanks for the information how to make the effects used in this movie..^_^

    • John Dickinson

      You’re welcome Mark.

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