MovieType Lite

Dynamic type presets and tools for Cinema 4D Lite

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Introducing MovieType Lite – a collection of presets and tools for creating professional, movie trailer-style graphics fast in Cinema 4D Lite. With MovieType Lite the popular MovieType tools are now available to all Adobe After Effects CC users.



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Get Creative
MovieType Lite includes over 230 presets which can be used individually or combined to create blockbuster movie type looks. Use the presets as they are tweak them to create your own unique looks.
Get Productive
MovieType Lite is easy to use and puts the key Cinema 4D Lite tools for creating impactful 3D animations at your fingertips, allowing you to work faster and spend more time designing and doing the fun stuff.
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Hot Looks

The Type, Camera, Light, Material and Scene element presets can be combined in countless ways for both popular and truly unique looks.

Tonnes of Training

MovieType Lite includes 21 video tutorials covering all the basics plus many general Cinema 4D Lite techniques.

Just Type? No Way!

The MovieType Lite toolset can be used to enhance any Cinema 4D Lite scene. Try it with logos, models, anything.

Why MovieType Lite?

As designers who specialize in movie promos, we built MovieType to allow us to work faster and produce consistently great looking graphics every time. Now with MovieType Lite, all Adobe After Effects CC users can get a creative head start when using Cinema 4D Lite, fast tracking many repetitive tasks which steal valuable design time. Spending less time in 3D gives you more time to focus on compositing in Adobe After Effects, to finish the look .

With the release of After Effects CC, we created this Cinema 4D Lite compatible version to give all After Effects CC users the opportunity to take advantage of these tools and create terrific looking Cinema 4D type animations quickly and easily.

MovieType Lite isn't a plug-in, it's a set of tools which bring together the most useful features of Cinema 4D Lite for creating cool, cinematic text looks. If you want to further customise your looks you still have complete access to all of the Cinema 4D Lite tools.

What's Included?

  • MovieType Lite includes almost all of the features included in MovieType with over 230 type presets, camera rig presets, light rig presets, material presets, background presets, seamless floor presets, reflective sky presets, plus 11 complete scenes. Presets requiring Dynamics and some MoGraph features not available in Cinema 4D Lite, are not included.
  • The tools include 6 type tools, 4 camera rigs, 2 light rigs, a material tool, a seamless floor tool, reflective sky tool and background tool.
  • 21 video tutorials hosted by master trainer John Dickinson.


  • Cinema 4D Lite, included with Adobe After Effects CC.
  • Flash Player 10 or above is required to watch the training.
  • Runs on Mac or PC operating system.

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