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Learn some basic techniques and some little-known techniques plus plenty of handy workflow tips for using Photoshop and Illustrator with After Effects.

  1. Gwendolyn Barney

    Hi John. The tutorial was great! It was so great that I tried viewing it a second time, and I couldn’t get in. Aside from that, I have always loved your work. Thanks for sharing your talent.


  2. Brian Maffitt

    Hm, Connect won’t, um, connect. I’ll try again later.

  3. Bruno

    It didn’t work for me either…

    Why not make it into a regular quicktime like the other tutorials?


  4. John Dickinson

    Seems to be working fine for me….

  5. kamal98

    this is great anther tutorial keep them coming.

  6. romulus

    only audio !!!!

  7. Mario

    Is there a queue to actually connecting which is causing problems for people to access this particular e seminar?

    ie. It might be limited to 20 people connecting at once…

    This morning i got it and then now i can’t get in…what is going on with connect pro?

  8. Spiro

    Bummer – I can’t connect either. John – can this be made into a QT?

  9. John Dickinson

    Hey sorry about the connection problems. I have prepared an offline version as a .flv file but need to do a few things to get it online. Keep trying and I’ll keep you updated on the flv.

  10. John Dickinson

    Okay I’ve saved the seminar offline as .flv file. As long as you have Flash Player on your system you’ll have no more problems viewing the movie. I’ll be doing this will all e-seminars from now on.

  11. illd

    Thank you JD. Ai is not much used by me together with AE. I guess this tut will change that. Oh, and thanks for converting the e-seminar, It ´s running much better now.

  12. Loay

    I loved your seminars but I strongly recommend all seminars to be as FLV file.
    Thanks for sharing your tips , tricks and techniques……and waiting for putting all old seminars as FLV file.

  13. John Stanowski

    Great tutorial. Thanks so much for addressing this. I could never wrap my head around this and coincidentally spent the earlier half of this day testing and trying to figure it all out. I was really surprised to see this offering on Motionworks later in the day. You’ve made everything clear. Thanks!

  14. gavan

    Wow thank you for the heads up on using Illustrator and AEP together, I was always thrown by the cropped layer definition and now I know its real meaning. Thank you for making this tutorial available for free its much appreciated John.

    • John Dickinson

      You’re welcome Gavan, there isn’t much information out there in free tutorials concerning AE and AI so I thought this might help. All the best, John.

  15. Noelle

    Um it will not work for me. :( When I download the flv it crashes my flashplayer/VLC media player.


  16. Steve Cardwell

    Thanks john,

    especially for the illustrator tips.

    I think the cropped layers terminology makes sense if your elements fit within the comp. So on your illustrator example you would have the centre point at the middle of the cog, which would help if you wanted to rotate it.

    Keep up the good work.

    • John Dickinson

      That’s right Steve, Composition-Cropped Layers maintains a unique centre point for all individual layers. Thanks for your input and best wishes, John.

    • John Dickinson

      Hey Chris, glad you’ve found it useful. All the best, John.

  17. Andrei

    Hey John, great resource!
    I discovered your site after you did Andrew Kramer’s interview. I’ve been following him for a few years now.
    Cheers, mate.

    • John Dickinson

      Hi Andrei, welcome to Motionworks and thanks for dropping into the comments! Best wishes, John.

    • John Dickinson

      Good to hear Mike, thanks for letting me know.

  18. Erik W

    To change the application preference for PSD files (or any file type) on a Mac just right-click on any PSD file in any Finder window and then hold down alt so that “open with” changes to “always open with” then just select the application you want.

    I have CS3 and I use the “edit original” feature (command + E) constantly to edit the original file from within After Effects and I found that it works flawlessly if you play by AE’s rules. Break the rules and it will not update automatically.

    The rules are:
    – Open the file from within AE with the command + E shortcut
    – Make whatever changes you want to the file
    – Save the file
    – Return to AE and the file automatically updates

    Any deviation from this sequence can cause the automatic update to not work.

    For example: If you select a PSD file in AE and hit Command + E to open it in Photoshop and make a change but before you save your PSD file you click back on AE for a moment to look at something in your project or whatever and then go back to Photoshop and save the file, when you finally return to AE the PSD file will not update automatically.

      • Erik W

        I just wanted to update this because they just installed OS X 10.6 snow leopard on our machines at work and it doesn’t quite work the same way as 10.4 when you want to change the default application for opening a file type. “Always open with…” on snow leopard only applies the changes to that particular document and not to all documents of that file type. Here’s how to change the default application in snow leopard (from the mac help file):

        To change the application that opens a document:

        Select the document and choose File > Get Info.

        Click the triangle next to “œOpen with” to expand the section.

        Choose an application from the pop-up menu, or choose Other to locate a different application.

        If you want to use that application to open all documents of the same type as the current document and created by the same application, click Change All.

  19. Joe

    Thanks for this tut, just found your site. Def going to check back from now :)

  20. Kevin

    Well, thanks for the tut! Will try this after finish readin 😀

  21. Ben

    Thanks for making the video available…found it to be very enlighting. Greetings from Argentina.

    PS: your website has been bookmarked.

  22. Jimmy

    You have solved many of my problems tonight. Thank you so much for making this available. You have provided my client and I a great service.

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